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Sjogren’s Syndrome Solutions

September 20, 2011 Written by JP       [Font too small?]

This year’s U.S. Open was marked by an unexpected medical headline. Venus Williams, a top ranked singles and doubles tennis player, announced that she was dropping out of the prestigious tournament because of debilitating symptoms relating to Sjogren’s syndrome. This autoimmune condition can manifest itself in a number of ways including musculoskeletal pain, persistent fatigue and severe dryness in the eyes and mouth. Thankfully, preliminary research points to several natural options that may help manage it. The first alternative to consider is an “elimination diet” that avoids common food allergens such as gluten and milk. Food allergies and sensitivities appear to be relatively common in those with Sjogren’s syndrome and their removal may lead to immunological and symptomatic improvements. Next on my list is a select group of lipids worth noting: borage oil, evening primrose oil and sea buckthorn oil. These nutritional supplements provide rare fatty acids (gamma-linolenic acid and palmitoleic acid) which may reduce some of the primary symptoms of Sjogren’s syndrome, namely, dry eyes and mouth, and fatigue. Last, but not least, an old study dating all the way back to 1986 describes the utility of an amino acid-based antioxidant known as N-acetylcysteine (NAC). A 4 week trial involving 51 patients with Sjogren’s syndrome determined that NAC outperformed a placebo by decreasing several indicators of oral and ocular discomfort. The dosage used in the study was 200 mg of NAC, thrice daily. My hope is that natural and safe alternatives such as these will one day enter the medical mainstream and help all those with Sjogren’s syndrome live active and healthier lives.

To learn more about the studies referenced in today’s column, please click on the following links:

Study 1 - Reversal of Premature Ovarian Failure in a Patient With Sjögren (link)

Study 2 - Cow’s Milk Protein Sensitivity Assessed By the Mucosal Patch (link)

Study 3 - Gluten Sensitivity in Patients With Primary Sjögren’s (link)

Study 4 - Systemic Omega-6 Essential Fatty Acid Treatment and … (link)

Study 5 - Patients With Primary Sjögren’s Syndrome Treated for Two (link)

Study 6 - Effects of Oral Sea Buckthorn Oil On Tear Film Fatty Acids (link)

Study 7 - A Double-Blind, Cross-Over, Study of Oral N-Acetylcysteine (link)

Gamma-Linolenic Acid May Control Dry Eye Signs & Symptoms

Source: Invest. Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci. December 2005 vol. 46 no. 12 4474-4479 (link)

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4 Comments to “Sjogren’s Syndrome Solutions”

  1. James Lockwood Says:


    There already is a natural highly effective treatment for Sjogren’s syndrome. You can take a look at this discussion group for more information about helminthic therapy.

  2. James Lockwood Says:

    Sorry, that web address is:

  3. JP Says:

    Thanks for the tip, James. I’ll look into it.

    Be well!


  4. Iggy Dalrymple Says:

    Speaking of helminthic therapy, I’m seriously considering it for my asthma. Acupuncture worked for me for years but no longer. My sister died from asthma a few years ago. The medication is almost as bad as the disease.

    I live in hookworm country. Growing up, the school kids were tested each year and I was usually the only kid in my class to test negative. I was a city boy but we all went barefoot in the summer. I bet I’d be asthma free if I had caught hookworms.

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