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Astaxanthin Update

December 21, 2011 Written by JP

Whether you know it or not, you’ve probably consumed astaxanthin at one point or another in your life. Arctic shrimp and wild salmon are among the most common dietary sources of this crimson colored carotenoid. But, these days you’re also likely to find astaxanthin in everything from multivitamins to sports drinks. In many instances, it’s included as a way of increasing the antioxidant content of functional foods and nutritional supplements. Other times, its primary purpose is to act as natural preservative for delicate fatty acids such as those contained in fish or krill oil.

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Important Add-On Supplements

December 9, 2011 Written by JP

The exact number of supplements you take should be predicated upon a variety of personal issues. Finances, diet and lifestyle and the ability to swallow pills are important considerations. In addition, genetic factors, pre-existing health conditions and the potential for drug-supplement interactions ought to be evaluated as well. The following list of supplements is what I consider valuable “add-ons” to my core list of recommendations. These are not essential for everyone. However, the health benefits they impart appeal to a broad cross-section of the population at large. They also adhere to my personal standards with regard to efficacy and safety.

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Top Five Supplements

December 7, 2011 Written by JP

“Is there a short-list of supplements that everyone should take?”. This may seem like a simple enough question, but it might surprise you to know that if I had to answer strictly ‘yes’ or ‘no’, my reply would be ‘no’. There are simply too many individual considerations and requirements that make blanket recommendations inappropriate and unreliable. Having said that, there is a select group of supplements that tend to fill important nutrient gaps in many diets. These very same nutritional aids also safely promote greater well being.

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Tea Gargling for Health

December 5, 2011 Written by JP

The old adage goes, “If something seems too good to be true, it probably is”. The field of alternative medicine is replete with examples of this truism. Countless ancient and innovative remedies, often carrying hefty price tags and inadequate and/or unreliable evidence, are promoted as virtual panaceas both online and in health food stores worldwide. However, as another saying goes, “There are exceptions to every rule”. It’s all the better when these exceptions happen to be economical and safe.

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Healthy Vacation

August 3, 2011 Written by JP

Vacations are a time to relax, take a much needed break from work and spend some quality time with family, friends and ourselves. But they’re more than just that to medical researchers. Scientists consider vacations fertile ground for documenting the relative merits of being away from the workplace. A new study in the journal Psychology & Health explains that there are certain key elements which help increase the likelihood that a vacation will improve physical (fatigue, “health status”, tension) and psychological (mood, “satisfaction”, tension) parameters. In this current investigation, about 60% of a sample population reported vacation related improvements in health and well being. A more specific assessment of those who didn’t have a positive experience revealed that there were three primary contributors to their reported dissatisfaction: 1) too much time spent on “passive activities”, 2) not enough time engaging in pleasurable activities, 3) the occurrence of negative incidents while on vacation. Since many people are taking time off around this time of year, myself included, I thought this might be something to consider. (1) Read more »

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E. Coli Outbreak News

June 3, 2011 Written by JP

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is a commendable thing to do. Getting sick because you do seems just plain wrong. But it does happen on rare occasions and it should serve as a reminder that we’re not the only organisms running the show. A microscopic bacterium known as Escherichia coli is naturally present in our intestines and in some of the food we eat. In most cases, it doesn’t cause a problem. It’s kind of like background noise that is below a level of detection. However, every once in a while a particularly virulent strain of E. coli drops by to wreak havoc. Read more »

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Potassium Iodide and Prussian Blue

March 18, 2011 Written by JP

No matter where in the world you’re reading this, you’re almost certainly aware of the crisis that’s unfolding in Japan. Among other things, the tragic events of this past week have drawn much attention to two otherwise obscure substances that are used to protect against radioactive fall out. Potassium iodide is the better known of the two. Prussian blue isn’t making much news yet, but that may change as the level of concern about radiation exposure continues to spread.
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Thanksgiving Wishes

November 25, 2010 Written by JP

This Thursday marks a very special occasion in the U.S. – Thanksgiving. It’s a day devoted to gratitude, humility and reflection. I’ll be taking the day off from my usual writing duties, but will spend the early part of the day preparing a few nutrient dense side dishes (“creamed” spinach and roasted cauliflower) and a sugar free dessert (pumpkin cheesecake) to bring to our family gathering in the evening. This year’s celebration is particularly blessed because of the addition of two new members to our family. My brother-in-law and his wife are the proud parents of twin baby boys. For this reason and others, this will also be the largest family gathering for us in quite some time. My sincerest wishes go out to all of you in the hopes that you’ll have a similarly joyful holiday that is filled with love. When I reflect on the many things that I’m thankful for today, I’ll hold a special thought in mind for all of you. I’d like you to know that I truly appreciate all the support you’ve so graciously shown to me over the past few years on this site and elsewhere. Your generosity, interest and willingness to share never goes unnoticed or unappreciated. Thank you so very much and please be well! JP

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Expressive Writing

November 17, 2010 Written by JP

Expressive writing is a stress management technique that encourages individuals to face emotional and/or traumatic events from their past. This sometimes cathartic experience generally takes place over the course of 3 to 5 sessions which last about 15 to 30 minutes each. In the process, some patients find that they gain greater control over their emotions and develop more confidence in dealing with stress which can result in positive outcomes in a variety of health conditions. Three recent examinations of expressive writing document favorable results in diverse patient populations: men and women with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome); students with eating disorders; and test subjects living with psoriasis.
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Best Of Columns

November 2, 2010 Written by JP

It’s been nearly two years since I first started In the past twenty-three months or so I’ve yet to take any time off. The option was always there, but the truth is that I just hate being away from the action and dread the thought of missing an opportunity to share potentially healthful/helpful information with my readers. That’s what fuels my dedication and passion. But there’s a downside as well. You miss things when you never take the time to slow down. Ideas and inspiration pass you by because you’re too busy working to notice them. Lately, I’ve had this nagging feeling that I’m guilty of this very offense. For these reasons, I’ll be taking the remainder of this week off. In the coming days I’ll present a slightly different format for the site which will, in part, include more interviews with influential members of the integrative health community, such as Dr. Heather Leidy and Dr. William Davis. In the meantime, I’ll post some “best of” columns from the archives that you may have missed the first time around. Also, please keep an eye on the HealthyFellow Twitter account to stay current on breaking stories that may not make the mainstream news. And as always, I’ll be around to answer any questions posted in the comment section or sent via the contact form. Then on Monday, I’ll return with an all new column featuring the latest natural health research. Until then, be well. Read more »

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Echinacea Flu Question

October 13, 2010 Written by JP

When cold and flu season arrives each year, so do questions pertaining to natural means of defending against it. Just the other day I was asked about using echinacea to fend off influenza and/or help speed its departure. Thankfully, each year there’s additional research to factor in when coming up with an answer.
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Food Pyramid Follies

October 1, 2010 Written by JP

My primary objective for this site is to assist patients and physicians in improving the quality of health care. A new article appearing in the October 1st issue of the journal Nutrition suggests a timely strategy to accomplish this end. On June 15, the 2010 Dietary Guideline Advisory Committee Report (DGAC) was released. The recommendations contained therein will play a major role in shaping the USDA Food Pyramid. This will, in turn, affect the lives of most Americans and “strongly influence nutrition education, research funding, governmental meal programs including school lunches, as well as providing direction for the food industry, regulatory agencies, consumer advocates, and the media”. As you can imagine, the health ramifications of the report are immense with respect to health care spending and quality of life. The problem, according to the prestigious authors of the new paper entitled, “In the Face of Contradictory Evidence”, is that the guidelines are likely to continue an upward trend in preventable diseases directly associated with the dietary recommendations espoused by the DGAC Report. Read more »

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GMO Salmon Debate

September 22, 2010 Written by JP

This past week several readers inquired about my opinion on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s pending approval of a genetically modified salmon known as AquAdvantage. I’ve decided to share my perspective in the context of a column so that you might all understand my position on this controversial topic. My hope is that it helps you to decide whether GMO salmon is right for you and your families.
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Improving Quality of Life

August 5, 2010 Written by JP

Many of the things that improve the quality of life aren’t served on a dinner plate or taken in a pill form. But you’d never know that by visiting most doctors’ offices or reading the majority of medical journals. Then again, there is a great deal of wisdom that often bypasses both of those educational clearing houses. My hope is that the same pattern won’t befall this site. To that end, here are three compelling tweets from Dr. Mehmet Oz, Rick McGuire and Dr. Mary Dan Eades to enrich the quality of your days and nights.
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Spreading Good Health

March 22, 2010 Written by JP

Several years ago I was thinking about my life and wondered whether there was a simple activity I could perform everyday that would contribute something positive to the world. In the past I would visit natural health forums and do my best to answer questions posed by other visitors. Now I try to do my part by writing this daily blog and using as my homepage. This is a cost-free way of benefiting a variety of charities. You just click on a button and it donates a small amount to non-profit organizations that address the needs of animal shelters, the hungry, literacy groups and even rainforest preservation. This is all well and good, but I want to try to do more and I need your help. Read more »

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President’s Day Holiday

February 15, 2010 Written by JP

Dear Ladies and Gentleman,

I’ll be taking President’s Day off to be with family and friends. Please come back tomorrow for the latest information about how bacteria affect our lives for better or worse.

Be well!


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