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Prescription 2014: Natural Remedies Check Up

September 10, 2014 Written by JP

In modern times, the concept of preventive medicine has been widely embraced by virtually all branches of the health care system. Perhaps the most common example is the recommendation to get an annual physical exam. The idea behind a yearly “check up” is to find developing health issues early on and to evaluate the efficacy and safety of longer term treatments which may require adjustments. Periodically, this very same practice can and should be applied to natural health routines as well.

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Pumpkin Seed Oil

July 20, 2014 Written by JP

The number of scientific studies devoted to specific natural remedies and traditional foods is difficult to predict. For instance, it’s possible to have a few to several studies published in one year and then virtually nothing more for another decade. Certainly, this is partially due to economics. Big cash crops and patented products tend to receive more scientific attention because of funding and financial interests. On the other hand, more generic herbs and nutraceuticals often fall into the previously mentioned, erratic pattern of research. Pumpkin seed oil is an example of the latter.

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Natural Products Expo West 2014 Part Two

March 19, 2014 Written by JP

One of the surprises at this year’s Natural Products Expo West was a relative lack of innovative supplements. Don’t get me wrong, there were hundreds of new products on the convention floor. And, certainly I didn’t have the chance to evaluate each and every one of them. But, when I applied my gold-standard test to the products I saw there, only one stood out as a new supplement that I would recommend to clients, family and friends.

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Kegel Exercises for Men

July 25, 2012 Written by JP

To some extent, symptoms of an enlarged prostate plague the majority of older men. In fact, if you’re male and fortunate enough to live a long life, you can almost certainly count on more frequent trips to the loo at night. Unfortunately, this isn’t the only potential consequence of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Many senior men also experience urinary urgency during their waking hours. What’s more, conventional and natural remedies don’t always provide satisfactory relief. But, Kegel exercises or Kegels are a free, safe and well researched option which work in conjunction with other treatments to greatly improve urinary dysfunction in this rapidly growing population.

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Walnuts and Prostate Cancer

January 27, 2012 Written by JP

The good news about life expectancy is that both men and women are living longer than ever before. The bad news about longevity is that it is often accompanied by certain diseases. When it comes to older men, prostate cancer tops the list. Fortunately, there is a growing body of evidence that certain dietary and lifestyle choices can minimize the risk of prostatic malignancies.

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Bitter Melon and Cancer

September 28, 2011 Written by JP

According to an alarming report in the September issue of the journal Lancet Oncology, the number of new cases of cancer worldwide is expected to reach 27,000,000/year by the year 2030. The authors of the paper call for a comprehensive effort to better manage cost and human suffering by emphasizing “real value from new technologies”. One of the “new” technologies that’s being examined is the use of bitter melon (Momordica charantia) in prevalent malignancies such as prostate cancer.

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Saw Palmetto Research

February 28, 2011 Written by JP

Italy is universally known for a great many things – it’s incredible beauty, romantic atmosphere, beloved cuisine and strong family ties. Researching phytomedicines that support prostate health generally doesn’t come to mind. Interestingly enough, that’s exactly what I discovered while investigating the current state of natural medicine in that country. Select herbal remedies which are currently considered ineffective or passe in the United States and elsewhere are still under review in this enchanting land sometimes referred to as Lo Stivale or The Boot.
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Roasted Tomatoes Recipe

February 15, 2011 Written by JP

It’s always helpful to have prepared foods on hand that help you deal with the specific challenges of your particular lifestyle. In our household, we sometimes find that we can’t have dinner until rather late at night because of business or social obligations. This can be a problematic for anyone hoping to adhere to a healthy diet. That is, unless you prepare ahead. Today’s recipe was borne out the desire to have something nutritious, delicious and light on hand that could be used as late night snack or supper.
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Natural Medicine for All Ages

September 20, 2010 Written by JP

Natural medicine is applicable to all stages of life, from the day we’re born to the end of our days. By this, I’m not just referring to traditional healing practices that you’d expect to use in adults and children alike, such as good nutrition, herbal remedies and massage. The recent integration of science into the fields of holistic medicine and psychology has spawned a new way of incorporating non-pharmacological and non-surgical options into the repertoire of all physicians who choose to embrace it. My Healthy Monday tip of the week is to consider hypnosis for recurrent headache pain, “nondrug lifestyle measures” for nocturia (frequent nighttime urination) and soy supplements for menopausal symptoms.
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Natural Health Questions and Answers

May 5, 2010 Written by JP

Answering questions about natural health topics is one of my favorite parts of this job. It’s rewarding whether or not I have a good response to the inquiry being posed. If I already know the answer, it makes me happy to share it with others. On the other hand, if I’m stumped by a question, it gives me an incentive to do a little digging and expand my own knowledge base. Either way, it’s a winning proposition for all involved. Read more »

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Breast and Prostate Cancer News

February 26, 2010 Written by JP

While preparing today’s column I did a search on the phrase, “differences between men and women”. Any guess on how many hits this query turned up? 10,000? 100,000? 1,000,000? Try 17,700,000! One of the sites I stumbled upon contained a quote by the comedian Bill Cosby. He summed up the general sentiment conveyed by noteworthy figures throughout the ages: “Men and women belong to different species, and communication between them is a science still in its infancy”. I’m sure many of you nodded your head while reading that and with good reason. The tales my wife could tell! However, I believe our similarities far outnumber our differences. The same holds true if one were to examine the inner workings of the female and male body. Read more »

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Red Clover Research

December 4, 2009 Written by JP

There are two prevalent notions that I hope to dispel today. The first is the common misconception that many natural medicines are gender specific. The reality is that it’s very rare to find a holistic remedy that applies only to men or only to women. Another popular but equally counterproductive belief is that there is no middle ground in terms of the efficacy of naturopathic medicine. A supplement or therapy either works or it doesn’t. Many think it’s a black and white issue – doctors and patients alike. But that’s clearly not what it is found in the scientific literature. All complementary treatments fall somewhere between “completely useless” and “genuine panacea”. This ultimate truth can make the analysis of alternative medicine a bit complicated and, often times, messy. But that’s where the real answers are found – in the murky land of details.
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Red Wine Cancer Connection

September 23, 2009 Written by JP

Red wine has a mixed reputation in the medical community. Some health authorities cite evidence that indicates it may be the one form of alcohol that provides actual health benefits. Generally speaking, the positive research regarding red wine has to do with its impact on cardiovascular health. In recent years, scientists have begun to analyze the specific chemical make up of this popular beverage. In doing so, they’ve discovered several phytochemicals that could be the reason why fermented grapes discourage heart disease. Furthermore, some of these substances have exhibited benefits in other arenas, such as anti-cancer activity in animal models and in-vitro (test tube) experiments. However, these laboratory findings are often at odds with population studies that find negative associations between alcohol consumption and cancer incidence. Today I’ll examine the most recent findings regarding the alcohol cancer connection. Read more »

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Rainbow Diet News

July 6, 2009 Written by JP

I believe there are several core principles to eating a healthy diet. One of the easiest guidelines to remember is “eat like the rainbow”. The naturally occurring pigments that produce the emerald greens in kale and spinach, the deep blues and purple in berries and the vibrant reds in cherries and tomatoes all possess a broad spectrum of health benefits. Now is the perfect time of year to enjoy the wealth of colors that nature provides. Another reason to include more of these foods in your diet is that science is continuing to find additional reasons to do so. Read more »

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Pumpkin Seeds

June 29, 2009 Written by JP

One of the greatest challenges to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is finding practical ways to properly nourish ourselves while “on the go”. An occasional indulgence in an unhealthy meal or snack isn’t the end of the world. But too often, that lapse is enough to throw off overall momentum for longer periods of time. This is a real concern for those who are trying to manage chronic health conditions or who have embarked on weight loss programs. Today I’ll review one of my favorite snacks, which not only helps support good health, but allows me to stay on plan even during the busiest of times. Read more »

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Herbs and Prostate Cancer

June 4, 2009 Written by JP

Last week, I posted a column about the potential of a low-sugar diet in the management of prostate cancer (PC). Today I’d like to share some information about a polyherbal supplement that may be an excellent accompaniment for men who are at high risk for PC. The product in question is composed of many traditionally revered herbs and spices, such as ginger root, green tea, holy basil, oregano, rosemary, skullcap, turmeric and more. But what really sets this formula apart is the considerable amount of scientific study that has been devoted to it.

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