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A Low Carb Menu

January 24, 2009 Written by JP    [Font too small?]

One of the greatest gifts of the Internet is the ability to learn more about the lives of others. By writing this blog, I hope to not only provide scientific information that may be useful, but also a glimpse into some of the healthier practices of my life. Sometimes seeing how others apply health principles can help us to adopt similar concepts or even inspire us to improve upon the examples we see.

Today I want to share an example of a typical day’s menu in our home. As you may know, I’m following a low carbohydrate diet that’s comprised largely of whole foods. This menu is by no means representative of all low carb diets. There are variations of restricted carbohydrate diets. Some are healthier than others – just like any type of diet. This is only one example of what I think is a practical and healthy version of such a diet.

For those of you who may be wondering why I follow such a diet, it’s for health reasons. I’ve been following this type of diet outlined below for a little over three months. So far, I’ve lost over 40 lbs and feel better than ever. If you have any questions about my particular diet, feel free to ask me in the “Comments” section of the site.

What’s for Breakfast?

Sometimes we have a traditional breakfast consisting of organic omega-3 eggs, organic (nitrate-free) bacon and an organic avocado. But this morning, we chose to have a somewhat unconventional breakfast of homemade vegetable soup. The ingredients couldn’t be simpler: homemade beef broth and frozen organic broccoli florets. We simply heat these two ingredients in a pot and then blend until smooth with an immersion blender.

Vegetable Soup

This soup provides a great source of nutrients and a hefty amount of non-starchy vegetables. It’s filling and warms you up on a cool winter’s morning.

What’s for Lunch?

We make sure to stock our home with plenty of delicious food options, so we can mix and match to make interesting meals. Here’s an example:

Roma tomatoes and salami

Here we sliced up a few organic Roma tomatoes and topped them with organic sour cream and soft goat cheese. To that, we added some organic salami slices. Since it’s the weekend and we’re at home, we’ll often include a glass of organic red wine as well. For us, this is a very satisfying, casual meal with diverse flavors and textures. It’s also packed with nutrients and healthy phytochemicals. And most importantly, it’s filling and makes for pleasurable eating.

What’s for Dinner?

My wife and I find that fish is a good choice for dinner. We seem to digest it well and it can be very comforting, if coupled with the right side dish. We often include non-starchy vegetables to accompany the fish. A few examples are: mashed cauliflower, creamed spinach or homemade guacamole.

Salmon and Mash

We do a lot of our own cooking. But in this picture, we had poached salmon purchased from a local health food store. What looks like mashed potatoes is really homemade mashed cauliflower. This type of meal is an excellent balance of healthy fats, protein and a good source of low-glycemic carbohydrates (mostly fiber).

I don’t do much snacking because these types of foods tend to keep me satisfied enough so that I don’t get hungry between meals. Having said that, I regularly have a strong cup of organic white tea or a no sugar added mocha drink in the afternoon. Both of these options are low calorie sources of many health promoting substances. And I believe that’s the key – getting the most out of the food you eat. You can do that by choosing nutrient rich foods and avoiding empty calories (like those you find in most processed foods).

I hope my menu example might help you to construct your own daily diet. I’m not saying that everyone should eat like I do. We’re all individuals with particular dietary needs and specific health concerns. My diet is but one example of what I consider a healthy option. Please use it in any way that you see fit.

Be well!


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6 Comments & Updates to “A Low Carb Menu”

  1. lindalulu Says:

    Great recipes and meal ideas.

  2. JP Says:

    Thanks, Linda!

    Be well,


  3. Iggy Dalrymple Says:

    Congratulations on the weight loss. That is impressive.

    I’m not sure if my diet is low cab or high carb. It’s pretty devoid of processed carbs. Breakfast is oats groats porridge with frozen berries. Lunch is salad with mackerel. Supper is usually barley soup with chicken broth. Evening snack is 1/2 cup of yogurt with raw nuts.

    I eat no potatoes or rice.

    So JP, I would call that a moderately high carb diet, would you agree?

    I’ve been doing well on the weight picture but haven’t lost like you have.

  4. JP Says:

    Good day, Iggy.

    It’s higher in carbs than my current diet. But, it’s probably much lower in carbs than the typical Western diet.

    Based on your description, your diet is also more nutrient-dense and fiber-rich than the average diet. It’s probably considerably lower in calories too. All of those factors generally help promote general health and a reasonable weight.

    My weight loss continues (thankfully). I think I have another 10 to 15 pounds left until I reach my ideal weight.

    Thank you for stopping by.

    Be well!


  5. Iggy Dalrymple Says:

    Low-Carb Diets Linked To Atherosclerosis And Impaired Blood Vessel Growth

    ScienceDaily (Aug. 25, 2009) —

    “Examinations of the animals’ bone marrow and peripheral blood showed that the measures of EPC cells dropped fully 40 percent among the mice on the low-carb diet – after only two weeks,” says Rosenzweig. “Although the precise nature and role of these cells is still being worked out – and caution is always warranted in extrapolating from effects in mice to a clinical situation – these results succeeded in getting me off the low-carb diet.”

  6. JP Says:


    There are several valid criticisms of the following study presented at this URL – http://livinlavidalowcarb.com/blog/?p=5756

    Be well!


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