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Three Reasons to Get More Sleep

December 31, 2008 Written by JP

Do you feel rested when you get up in the morning? Are the bags under your eyes heavier than the bags you take to work? Is coffee your best morning buddy? If so, you really should pay attention to what modern science is telling us about the importance of sleep. Your very health hangs in the balance. Read more »

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The Healthiest Brain Foods?

Written by JP

Time for a pop quiz. I’ll ask you a question and you select the answer that you believe is correct.

Question: What three foods have recently been associated with better mental performance?

a) fruits, whole grains and vegetables

b) coffee, fish and olive oil

c) chocolate, tea and wine Read more »

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Sunlight and Depression

December 30, 2008 Written by JP

Last week I reported on a study that found that spending time in nature could help focus attention and sharpen memory. Today’s blog discusses similar research. This time, however, a specific aspect of nature is in the spotlight: the Sun and it’s ability to help combat depression. Read more »

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Eat Fat, Get Slim

December 28, 2008 Written by JP

A few weeks ago, I presented some information about how to strategically use exercise to manage out-of-control hunger. Now, I’d like to discuss another approach to tame a beastly appetite.

Recent research published in the journal Cell Metabolism suggests that a particular form of unsaturated fat called oleic acid may be an additional key in the appetite-puzzle. Read more »

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Healthy Pregnancies and Acupuncture

December 27, 2008 Written by JP

A healthy pregnancy is a big enough challenge for most women. And the reality is that many pregnancies are plagued by a certain degree of pain and discomfort. This unfortunate fact is complicated by a hesitance on the part of doctors and patients to use medications to manage these common symptoms – and rightly so. Many medications are simply not appropriate for growing fetuses. Fortunately, there are some time honored techniques that may offer safer alternatives to medications during pregnancy. Read more »

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Exercising Good Nutrition

December 26, 2008 Written by JP

Do you sometimes wish you could exercise without getting as worn out as you usually do? If so, I want to tell you about a strategy that just might help you get a better workout and feel less tired afterward. Read more »

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The Antidepressant Herb

December 25, 2008 Written by JP

This is a time of year that’s supposed to be joyful. But for some people the holidays can make depression even more pronounced. Perhaps that’s why a particular question and answer column was published in the December issue of Clinical Psychiatric News.

In that piece, Drs. Jan Leard-Hansson and Laurence Guttmacher address the issue of patients who are depressed, but refuse to take prescription antidepressants. In particular, these psychiatrists assess whether the herbal extract of St. John’s wort (SJW) is a viable alternative to prescription medications for depression. Read more »

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Nature’s Arthritis Remedies

Written by JP

If you have osteoarthritis or just your fair share of aches and pains, this is the blog for you. And if you don’t fall into either category, stick around anyway. I’m sure you know someone who might benefit from the following information. Read more »

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The Natural Mind

December 23, 2008 Written by JP

The minds of adults and children are generally thought to be quite different. But when we look at some of the problems in our daily lives, we find that many are shared by both kids and grown-ups. One example is in the way our brains malfunction.

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) has become such a commonly used medical term that most people are familiar with it. At first, it was mostly associated with kids who had a hard time concentrating at school. These children were often thought to be bright, but they just couldn’t focus well enough to succeed in school. Read more »

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The Secret Life of Olive Oil

Written by JP

There’s a trend in modern medicine in which natural substances are isolated and then transformed into artificial chemicals which can be tested, patented and eventually sold as prescription medications. This has become the accepted mode by which conventional medicine has chosen to incorporate nature into science. But a lesson that’s been learned time and time again is that science is often not very good at accurately replicating nature. A recent example of this is currently under development. It’s a work in progress and I’d like to give you a tour of the process. Our story picks up in Granada, Spain. Read more »

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Movie Review – The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

December 21, 2008 Written by JP

When we’re children we often look forward to being older. We think of all of the opportunities that will magically present themselves if we could simply have some extra years to allow us access. But somewhere along the line our desire to add numbers to our age takes a radical shift. We find ourselves well into our adult lives wondering what it might be like to go back to a simpler time. That’s often the way life presents itself to us. But that’s not the case for a curious man named Benjamin Button. Read more »

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Natural Hunger Management

December 20, 2008 Written by JP

Do you like two-for-one deals? You’ve probably seen a lot of them this holiday season. Buy two DVDs for the price of one! Buy one cheeseburger at regular price and get the second one “free”! Well I’ve got a real two-for-one deal for you today. I’m going to tell you what you can do to decrease your hunger and help manage your weight. Heck, I’ll even throw in an improvement in virtually all aspects of your health for free! What a deal! Read more »

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Reversing Atherosclerosis Naturally

Written by JP

Smile! It’s Friday!

What if I told you there was a simple “anti-aging” activity that you could do in just a couple minutes a day that would a) make your arteries and your heart healthier and b) also make you more attractive? It sounds like a cheesy infomercial for a supercharged exotic fruit juice or an ancient facial serum from the far ends of the Earth, doesn’t it? Not quite. Read more »

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