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Dr. Stephen Sinatra Interview – Part One

June 27, 2012 Written by JP

Coronary heart disease (CHD) is by far the leading health risk in the United States and beyond. It affects men and women in almost equal proportions and pays little attention to ethnicity. In fact, African Americans, Asian or Pacific Islanders and Caucasians register very similar vascular mortality rates. What’s more, the most recent estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention place a hefty price tag of over $100 billion/year for health care services, lost productivity and medications relating to CHD. While these figures are undoubtedly grim, it’s helpful to have frequent reminders that heart disease is largely preventable. For over forty years, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, has been investigating and reporting on this very topic.

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Toxic Sugar Alternatives

April 13, 2012 Written by JP

A recent segment on 60 Minutes, the popular news program, examined the health implications of eating large amounts of sugar. According to current estimates, the average U.S. citizen consumes upwards of 130 lbs. of processed sugar per year. Not only is this shocking, but it’s also relevant because experts in the field of nutritional biology claim that up to 75% of all diseases can be prevented by drastically reducing refined food and sugar intake.

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Natural Products Expo West 2011 Part Two

March 23, 2011 Written by JP

In case you haven’t already noticed, the slogan for this website is “Your Natural Health Critic”. And while I tend to focus on the more positive developments in the field of integrative and natural medicine, at times it’s necessary to point out some troubling trends as well. This year’s Natural Products Expo West was an excellent opportunity to flex my critical thinking in precisely this arena. In a recent press release, Adam Anderson, a spokesman for the Anaheim-based trade show, commented that “While the economy recovers, the natural and organic industry continues to grow. 2010 metrics including attendance and hundreds of new product introductions at Expo West are proof positive of the strategic value surrounding in-person business events”. The introduction of new products to the marketplace is an opportunity to show how innovative the natural health community can be. However, more often than not, the products in question fall short of my expectations.
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Agave Danger!

March 25, 2009 Written by JP

As you’ve probably gathered I’m a big supporter of the natural health industry. On the whole I believe they promote a healthier society by providing alternative options for an increasingly toxic world. However on occasion I need to point out areas in which I disagree with certain prevailing notions within the industry. Today I’m going to discuss one disturbing trend with regard to the promotion of a natural sweetener called agave nectar (or syrup). Read more »

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