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Preeclampsia Alternatives

May 25, 2011 Written by JP

Think of all the pregnancies that take place during the course of a given year. Thankfully, most are relatively free of serious complications. But, about 5% to 8% of all expectant mothers must contend with a condition known as preeclampsia (PE) that threatens both woman and child. Preeclampsia is characterized by a dangerous rise in blood pressure that occurs after the 20th week of pregnancy. Some of the possible symptoms include abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision with the appearance of auras and spots, and swelling in the eyes, face and hands or edema. According to the Preeclampsia Foundation this contributes approximately seven billion dollars a year in US health care spending alone. Worldwide, it may account for as many as 76,000 deaths annually. (1,2,3) Read more »

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Citrulline Research

January 10, 2011 Written by JP

My first job in the natural health industry was as a sales clerk in a health food store. A desire to sell dietary supplements and health foods wasn’t the underlying reason why I chose this line of work. It’s true that I needed to earn money. But I could have made more working as a tutor, waiter or at countless other jobs. Looking back, I now understand that the reason I selected this path was in order to have some face-to-face time consulting with customers. I knew what it was like to be a consumer asking for guidance at health food stores. Since I was often disappointed with those experiences, I subconsciously decided to correct that flaw via my own conduct as a health store employee. Read more »

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