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Four Green Cooler

August 4, 2016 Written by JP

There’s no doubt it: green vegetables are at the peak of their popularity. They are the rock stars of the produce section! These days, nutritionists are quick to recommend them as a healthy part of just about any dietary plan, whether gluten-free, low carb or macrobiotic. Finding greens while eating out is no problem either. Most restaurants from fast food chains to gourmet eateries now feature chard, dandelion leaves, kale or spinach as side dishes and, sometimes, even as primary components of a main course. And, of course, you’ve surely seen countless juices in your local markets or natural food stores that proudly proclaim their “greenness”. There is a lot of good to be found in this trend. However, the benefits can be even greater if you make more greens at home.

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Sardine Salad Recipe

September 26, 2015 Written by JP

Every once in awhile I get the undeniable urge to share something that’s a little “out there”, even by my standards. Usually, this comes about as a result of some mad chemistry experiment in the Healthy Fellow kitchen or lab. But still, don’t dismiss today’s recipe right off the bat. Although this unconventional meal may sound a bit unusual, it just might fill an important role in your quest for genuinely healthy “fast food”.

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Healthier Mexican Food

October 6, 2014 Written by JP

For Mexican food lovers (myself included!) there is a simple approach to improving the health benefits and nutritional quality of Mexican-style meals. It really doesn’t matter if you’re eating out at Mexican restaurants or preparing it yourself at home. There are potential pitfalls in both instances which can be largely avoided by practicing a basic technique I call “crowding out”. The concept is that you crowd out most or some of the unhealthy foods and replace them with better options. In the realm of Mexican cuisine, this means minimizing your intake of chips, rice, sweetened beverages and tortillas and focusing instead on foods containing more fiber, healthy fat, nutrients and protein.

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Salad Science

November 14, 2011 Written by JP

I rarely eat salads at home or at restaurants. I have all kinds of excuses as to why this is so. I tell myself that salad dressings are usually loaded with preservatives, sugar and other undesirable ingredients. When dining out, I convince myself that the ubiquitous iceberg lettuce isn’t nutritious enough to merit several minutes of chewing. I even worry about getting tiny pieces of salad stuck in my front teeth and not knowing it until dinner, often with clients, colleagues or friends, is over! But, recently a friend who happens to be a salad fanatic inspired me to take another look at the science behind salads. What I found has, at long last, convinced me that salad lovers may have been right all along.

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Be Side Dish Saavy

August 30, 2010 Written by JP

Eating out can be a challenging proposition if your goal is to maintain a trim waistline and wellness in general. But just because it “can be” difficult doesn’t mean that it “has to be”. I think the biggest determinant of the quality of food you ultimately eat while out is how well you’ve prepared in the first place. Successful meal planning requires being aware of the healthiest possible options. Even the most nutritious entrees can be rendered unhealthy by side dishes. A fresh fillet of wild salmon laid artistically over a mound of mashed potatoes isn’t the same story as one served with a side of sauteed kale or pureed cauliflower. My Healthy Monday tip of the week is to strategically select your side dishes and ask for substitutions whenever possible.
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Avocado Frozen Yogurt Recipe

August 3, 2010 Written by JP

In the late 1990’s I was working as a health food store consultant. I would advise the buyers and owners of health food stores about which types of supplements I thought were safest and most effective. On occasion I’d find myself in the middle of “rush hour”, when the health food store staff was outnumbered by patrons. This gave me an opportunity to work with customers in a more direct fashion. In addition, it allowed me to converse with individuals about what worked and didn’t in the personal application of natural remedies. I vividly recall one instance when I approached an older lady who was comparing labels in the protein powder isle of a family owned store. I offered some information and suggestions but also posed a few questions. Out of that exchange, I learned about an interesting ingredient that she always used when making protein shakes – avocado. Instead of using cream or milk in her blends, she used cold water, ice and a whole avocado. This gave her a dairy-free alternative that was rich in potassium and helped manage her borderline-high blood sugar and hypertension. Read more »

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Avocado Salmon Recipe

April 20, 2010 Written by JP

When I consult with a client about nutrition, I generally ask them to keep a one-week food diary. This not only gives me an idea about their typical nutrient intake, but also yields a seemingly unrelated point: most people tend to eat a relatively limited selection of foods on a regular basis. This is important to note when asking someone to eliminate specific foods from their menu plan. In essence, this strategy shows my clients that we can put together a delicious and practical list of meals and snacks that is more varied than their normal diet. One of the best and simplest ways to do this is to mix and match healthy recipes. Read more »

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Healthy Chipotle Taco Recipe

January 20, 2010 Written by JP

A recurrent theme in the Healthy Fellow household is a lively debate about whether people are capable of real change. Can a long time liar one day decide to walk the path of truth? Is a habitual criminal at the age of 17 destined to break laws throughout the entirety of his life? Similar questions can be applied to health issues as well. Will chain smokers ever stop their self-destructive habit? How about “rageoholics” or morbidly obese individuals? My general position is that profound change is available to us all. It certainly doesn’t always happen and there are probably countless reasons why. But every morning when I look in the mirror, I see the reflection of someone who’s radically different than he was a year ago. When I look at my wife, I see a beautiful woman who has transformed her life in the past and continues to do so by addressing her own set of challenges. These are but a few of the reasons why I’m convinced that change is indeed possible and that hope is not wasted on believing so. Read more »

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Nutrition Myths Exposed!

December 17, 2008 Written by JP

Eggciting News!

Eggs are loaded with cholesterol and saturated fat. Doctors, neighbors, pharmacists and even zoologists tell us that eggs are bad for our heart. But are they really as harmful as “they” say? And are all eggs created equal? Read more »

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