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The Brain Fitness Program

February 11, 2009 Written by JP

The concept that aging inevitably brings about negative changes in our bodies and minds is widespread. Many people simply accept the “fact” that the physical body will weaken, eyesight will become blurry and the brain will no longer cooperate like it used to. To that I say: fight it! Accept what can’t be changed, but do whatever is possible to improve the things that are pliable. For example, we can and should adopt a philosophy that an aging brain can learn new tricks. Read more »

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The Natural Mind

December 23, 2008 Written by JP

The minds of adults and children are generally thought to be quite different. But when we look at some of the problems in our daily lives, we find that many are shared by both kids and grown-ups. One example is in the way our brains malfunction.

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) has become such a commonly used medical term that most people are familiar with it. At first, it was mostly associated with kids who had a hard time concentrating at school. These children were often thought to be bright, but they just couldn’t focus well enough to succeed in school. Read more »

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Safe Fish Choices

December 6, 2008 Written by JP

A Fishy Tale

“Eat your fish”. We’ve heard it a million times before from our mothers, our doctors, nutritionists on TV and even a concerned blogger or two. I’m no different. I’m here to tell you to, “Eat your fish … wisely”. Read more »

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