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Healthier Cola Alternatives

September 19, 2012 Written by JP

Most health conscious consumers know that soft drinks such Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola aren’t exactly healthy. Even the diet, sugar-free versions of these beverages are loaded with questionable ingredients. Nonetheless, if sales are any indication, a significant percentage of the population isn’t terribly concerned about the implications of drinking cola on a regular basis. This is, in part, due to the caffeine content. Taste is also a factor. However, not everyone knows that there are delicious, natural alternatives to conventional colas that provide a similar “kick” without the artificial ingredients.

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Mineral Water Question

August 17, 2012 Written by JP

I was recently contacted by a young lady whose mother has osteoporosis. I was told that she’s unable to have dairy and many calcium-fortified foods such as orange juice and soy products. In addition, she has a difficult time swallowing pills. On the other hand, she very much enjoys mineral water. Her question to me was, “Can I drink mineral water instead of taking a calcium supplement?”.

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Holistic Fall Prevention

July 27, 2012 Written by JP

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 30% of adults over the age 65 experience a fall each year. Not only are falls the leading cause of injury related deaths in seniors, but they’re also the most prevalent cause of hospital admissions due to physical trauma. Thankfully, there’s quite a lot that can be done to prevent falls. And, as with most health care and safety issues, a combination of conventional and holistic strategies is likely to yield the best results.

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Dr. Stephen Sinatra Interview – Part One

June 27, 2012 Written by JP

Coronary heart disease (CHD) is by far the leading health risk in the United States and beyond. It affects men and women in almost equal proportions and pays little attention to ethnicity. In fact, African Americans, Asian or Pacific Islanders and Caucasians register very similar vascular mortality rates. What’s more, the most recent estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention place a hefty price tag of over $100 billion/year for health care services, lost productivity and medications relating to CHD. While these figures are undoubtedly grim, it’s helpful to have frequent reminders that heart disease is largely preventable. For over forty years, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, has been investigating and reporting on this very topic.

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Bone Density Success

May 30, 2012 Written by JP

Recently, a client of mine experienced a very positive response to a natural regimen I recommended for improving skeletal health. Today’s column highlights the basic principles my client used to turn the tide from losing bone to gaining it. I can’t promise that others will find the same results. However, I hope that this real life example will encourage everyone concerned about osteoporosis to examine how they’re approaching it from a dietary, lifestyle and supplemental standpoint.

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Candy Supplements

April 20, 2012 Written by JP

Walk down the supplement isles of most health food stores and pharmacies and you’ll undoubtedly see bottles that are seemingly filled with enticing candies. These days, calcium, fish oil, multivitamins and other dietary aids are often being sold in the form of chocolates, gummy bears and even jelly beans. Some of these products are 100% natural – after all, corn syrup and glucose are natural. Others are loaded with the same types of artificial ingredients you’d expect to find in conventional candy. The one common denominator is the attempt to popularize supplement use in segments of the population that don’t normally buy them.

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Coffee Calcium Controversy

February 1, 2011 Written by JP

This past weekend I was catching up with my parents. They mentioned that they had attended a women’s health seminar hosted by a local physician. One of the points made by this particular speaker was that calcium supplements should never be taken with coffee. She went on to explain that coffee impairs the absorption of this essential mineral and could be counterproductive for anyone attempting to support bone mineral density. Since calcium supplements and coffee are prevalently used these days, I decided to take a look at what the medical literature has to say about this timely topic.
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Natural Leg Cramp Relief

July 30, 2010 Written by JP

On July 8, 2010 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a warning about the use of quinine (Qualaquin) for night time leg cramps. The basis for the alert were reports of “serious and life-threatening blood-related reactions, including serious bleeding due to severe lowering of blood cells (platelets) and a condition known as hemolytic-uremic syndrome/thrombocytopenic purpura which, in some cases, may result in permanent kidney damage”. In actuality, Qualaquin has only been FDA-approved for the treatment of malaria. However, it is frequently used “off-label” to reduce the incidence and severity of nocturnal leg cramps. The reason for this is pretty straight forward: quinine improves cramping symptoms in many patients. But the issue of potential toxicity must also be taken into account. Fortunately, there are several dietary supplements that may offer a safer way to achieve a cramp-free night’s sleep. (1)
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Calcium Heart Controversy

June 25, 2010 Written by JP

I was recently asked whether supplementing with calcium increases the risk of calcium deposits in coronary arteries. If the answer to this question is “yes”, then a good portion of modern society could be compromising its cardiovascular system in an attempt to ward off osteoporosis. In order to give an up-to-date and fully informed response to this inquiry I immersed myself in a number of medical studies that have explored this topic. Read more »

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Heartburn Medication Warning

June 4, 2010 Written by JP

There’s a big difference between the transient use of medications for acute conditions and long term administration in cases of chronic health concerns. Take one of the oldest remedies known to mankind: aspirin. An occasional aspirin to relieve a headache is significantly different than using it on a daily basis to help reduce the risk of a heart attack. In the short term, aspirin is unlikely to result in many side effects. But regular usage can provoke a number of serious adverse reactions and therapeutic effects. This is why it’s important for physicians to assess the expected benefits and risks of aspirin therapy prior to prescribing it. The same principle should hold true with regard to any medication that you may need to take for years upon years. (1,2)
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Osteopenia and Osteoporosis Alternative

May 12, 2010 Written by JP

Whenever possible, I like to turn the spotlight on alternative remedies to potentially dangerous medications. A class of drugs known as bisphophonates are best sellers in the senior population. Older women tend to be the primary recipients of prescriptions for Actonel, Boniva and Fosamax because they’re geared toward stemming the loss of bone density. My problem with bisphosphonates is the quality of bone they ultimately yield, which can be brittle, and their questionable side effect profile. Patients and physicians have reported instances of “acute influenza-like illness”, arterial fibrillation, esophageal irritation, gastrointestinal upset, musculoskeletal complaints and osteonecrosis (bone death) of the jaw that appear to be associated with long term use of these medications. (1,2,3)
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Bone Brain Connection

October 29, 2009 Written by JP

The connection between mental health and the condition of the physical body is often neglected in modern medicine. One example is the way conventional doctors generally treat bone loss, otherwise known as osteopenia (minor loss of bone density) and osteoporosis (significant loss of bone mineralization). The typical advice given is to take the “recommended daily allowance (RDA)” of supplemental calcium and Vitamin D, hormone replacement therapy and a select group of medications that attempt to “harden” the bones. But one suggestion that I’ve never heard from an allopathic physician is to practice stress management as a way of protecting the skeletal system. Read more »

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Minerals for Diabetes

March 23, 2009 Written by JP

When most people think about minerals and diabetes the first thing that comes to mind is the trace element chromium. It’s a reasonable association since chromium has been used extensively to help manage blood sugar in type 2 diabetics for decades. But there are other minerals that are often lacking in diabetic and pre-diabetic individuals. If these deficiencies are addressed, it may reduce the damage that poor blood glucose control can bring about. Read more »

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