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Belly Fat, Depression and Multiple Sclerosis Questions

May 7, 2010 Written by JP

This past week I wrote a column featuring questions sent in by regular readers of this site. That blog inspired a whole new series of questions from other interested parties. My answers to today’s inquiries will touch upon several topics including the perplexing issue of middle-aged stomach fat, a natural intervention for multiple sclerosis and a complementary therapy that may help depressed patients avoid frequent relapses. Read more »

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Topical Magnesium Trial

April 9, 2010 Written by JP

Some people “age better” than others in terms of external measures of beauty and youth. But regardless of outward appearances, you can count on this: if you’re lucky enough to grow old, significant changes will occur in the internal nooks and crannies of your body. Cursory examinations of older patients sometimes miss some of these shifts. An example is detailed in the December 2009 issue of the journal Magnesium Research. A group of Italian scientists reveal that “plasma magnesium (Mg) concentrations are remarkably constant in healthy subjects throughout life, while total body Mg and Mg in the intracellular compartment tend to decrease with age”. The authors go on to say that “dietary Mg deficiencies are common in the elderly population” and are likely a result of excess urinary loss, poor intestinal absorption and reduced bone stores of Mg. The relevance of this lack of magnesium cannot be underestimated as it may contribute to the likelihood of many health concerns such as asthma, chronic fatigue, inflammation, muscle loss (sarcopenia) and more. Read more »

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Mind Body Medicine

March 16, 2010 Written by JP

Today I want to discuss a very special kind of pharmacy. It’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It doesn’t close for holidays and the staff is always on call. One of the best features of the place is that all medications in stock are 100% natural and entirely compatible with your individual physiology. I know what you may thinking: “This place sounds very expensive”. Or perhaps: “My doctor or health insurance company never works with these ‘holistic-type’ facilities”. Fortunately for us all, none of these concerns apply here. Read more »

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St. John’s Wort News

January 29, 2010 Written by JP

Manufacturers of herbal remedies rely on industry support, word of mouth and the occasional, positive scientific study to spur the sale of their products. This basic formula is a necessity because most alternative “medicines” will never corner their respective market or successfully make their way into the mainstream medical system. What ends up happening is that much less money is spent actively promoting said products. Likewise the overall sales figures are also much more modest than what is found in the pharmaceutical sector. This dynamic tends to promote a climate where trends dictate what supplements become darlings and which ones are put out to pasture. Read more »

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Music Therapy

January 13, 2010 Written by JP

Just because something seems simple doesn’t necessarily make it so. This is a stumbling block that I often see conventional scientists run into when discussing alternative or complementary therapies. How can everyday food possibly be as effective as a medication that’s taken millions of dollars and countless MDs and PhDs to create? Laughter is an enjoyable activity, but it can’t possibly improve cardiovascular health or survival in cancer patients. The very notion that supposedly un-serious activities such as artistic expression, listening to music or practicing generosity and kindness can alter one’s physiology is a difficult pill to swallow for many allopathically minded researchers. Read more »

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NAC for Mental Health

November 4, 2009 Written by JP

A common theme found in naturopathic medicine is that a substance used for one purpose often ends up benefiting other seemingly unrelated conditions. When this occurs, scientists generally scramble to determine how in the world such a turn of events is even possible. There’s certainly a great deal of value in identifying the underlying mechanisms by which a “medicine” works. But if the body is viewed as a whole, rather than in isolated parts, then the concept of broad spectrum healing tends to make more sense. One example is a rather obscure supplement that reduces the ill effects of oxidants in the body while also promoting a healthier environment in the brain. Read more »

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Serenity Formula Product Review

October 27, 2009 Written by JP

According to the October issue of the AARP Bulletin, 10 of the most popular medications prescribed in the United States are used to address psychological symptoms. In fact, over 243 million prescriptions were written in 2008 alone expressly for this purpose. Anxiety, depression and insomnia top the list of conditions for which these drugs are dispensed. But that startling statistic doesn’t reveal whether or not any natural alternatives were tried prior to the use of these powerful, psychoactive agents. Read more »

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Green Tea Mood

October 19, 2009 Written by JP

Last week I described how Vitamin D was quickly becoming a major player in the landscape of modern medicine. Green tea is likewise gaining popularity in the medical literature. Exploring the benefits of Camellia sinensis provides a rather unique opportunity. Millions upon millions of people drink this beverage on a daily basis. This affords researchers fertile ground upon which they can conduct large population studies, in addition to more controlled experiments. Read more »

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Mediterranean Diet Secrets

October 12, 2009 Written by JP

In life and in medicine we tend to categorize as a way of simplifying things. But every so often we learn something new about a medical technique that genuinely surprises us. Take the Mediterranean diet for instance. Doctors and patients throughout the world associate this way of eating with cardiovascular benefits. It’s the “heart healthy” diet. This view is both accurate and incomplete. Read more »

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Compassionate Medicine

September 16, 2009 Written by JP

At this very moment in the United States there is a monumental debate going on about health care reform. Some citizens and politicians are proposing significant changes to the current paradigm while others are generally in favor of maintaining the system that’s already in place. I think there’s at least one issue that all sides can hopefully agree on – health care can and should be improved, in part, by the efforts made by individuals. One way to accomplish this is to take steps to improve personal health. Another important strategy is to help others enjoy better health. It may seem far-fetched, but simple acts of compassion and kindness can sometimes be a profound and essential adjunct to virtually any medical treatment. Read more »

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Valerian and Sleep Disorders

August 25, 2009 Written by JP

Valerian root extract is perhaps the most intensely studied and widely used natural insomnia remedy known to man. But what’s both fascinating and infuriating about it is that many scientists still don’t agree about whether it’s a viable alternative to pharmaceutical sleeping pills. The two most likely reasons for this are: a) herbal extracts are significantly more complicated to study than most synthetic medications; and b) there isn’t much of a financial incentive to get to the bottom of this issue. The secondary point isn’t an attempt to indiscriminately knock the pharmaceutical industry. Both the allopathic and holistic camps have a financial interest in allowing this mystery to persist. Read more »

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Sacha Inchi

July 2, 2009 Written by JP

If you want to stick to a healthy diet over the long term, it helps to find ways to keep it interesting. Eating the same old things over and over again isn’t just boring to your taste buds, but it also severely limits the types of nutrients that your body has to work with. Fortunately, the variety of food available in the 21st century is greater than at any other time in human history. No matter what kind of diet you’ve adopted, you can hunt down exotic and rare menu items that were previously unavailable. Today, I’d like to introduce you to two “new” snack items from South America. Read more »

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Chromium, Depression and Food Cravings

May 18, 2009 Written by JP

A cornerstone of my personal philosophy is to never give up hope while striving for true wellness. This isn’t always easy to do because it sometimes takes a considerable amount of trial and error before the right natural option is found. This type of optimism and patience is even more difficult for those who suffer from depression and/or severe mood swings. That’s why I focus so intently on natural alternatives to improve mood. Without a healthy mind-set, a healthy lifestyle is much harder to maintain.
Read more »

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