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Diabetes Dementia Connection

November 16, 2011 Written by JP

A recent article appearing in the Los Angeles Times draws attention to an emerging health crisis that is currently underreported. “Looking at the Link Between Diabetes and Dementia” focuses on the growing consensus among researchers that elevated blood sugar likely plays a pivotal role in the development of dementia. One of the more shocking statistics mentioned is that an estimated 10% of all dementia cases may be attributable to diabetes. But, hope can be found in the words of Dr. Debra Cherry, one of the specialists featured in the piece – “What is good for the reduction of diabetes risk is also good for reduction of the risk of cognitive impairment”.

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Fish Oil for Heart Health

March 7, 2009 Written by JP

If you’re a man who’s interested in keeping your cardiovascular system healthy, you’ll probably want to take today’s blog to heart. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already been diagnosed with heart disease or you just hope to avoid such a diagnosis in the future. Fish oil is a powerful tool that you can use at any stage of the heart health continuum. Read more »

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