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The Anti-Heart Attack Diet

June 7, 2010 Written by JP

Many conventional nutritionists and physicians pass along a standard piece of advice with regard to managing heart disease via diet: follow the guidelines set forth by the American Heart Association (AHA). After all, who better to offer guidance than an organization that specializes in matters relating to cardiovascular disease? My Health Monday tip of the day is to discuss different, and I think, more promising, dietary options with your health care team.
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Sugar Free Blueberry Cheesecake Recipe

April 13, 2010 Written by JP

Today, I’m going to attempt the impossible. Simply put, my goal is to make the case that cheesecake can be a health food. You read that right! Cheesecake is a health food. Of course I’m not just talking just any kind of cheesecake. There are a few substitutions that need to be made. But the good news is that the end result will hopefully be as equally pleasing to your palate as the unhealthy version to which most people have become accustomed. Read more »

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August 31, 2009 Written by JP

Physical strength isn’t just a characteristic of athleticism and youth. Rather, it’s something we rely on in order to live the type of lifestyle we choose. It’s not imperative that we look like bodybuilders on Muscle Beach or bikini models in a sports magazine. But, we all hope to have enough power in our muscles to take walks in the park, shop at a sprawling super market and to play catch with our grandchildren. Unfortunately, maintaining lean body mass as we age is not a given. For many, it requires actively railing against the course that nature has plotted. Read more »

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Dietary Fiber and Cancer

August 27, 2009 Written by JP

Some types of foods are easier to incorporate into one’s diet than others. If your doctor advises you to eat more fruits or vegetables, you can quite easily select the varieties that you like best and up your intake. The same can be said for other commonly recommended health foods such as fish, nuts and seeds. But adding more fiber into your daily routine requires some planning because not all fruits and vegetables contain much and animal based foods are completely devoid of it. In my opinion, being reminded of the importance of fiber, while becoming more aware of foods that are abundant in this dietary component is the key to making it a priority. Read more »

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Raw Food Diet Revolution

August 7, 2009 Written by JP

One of the hottest trends in the alternative health community is raw foodism. This term encompasses many different practices and philosophical beliefs but, for the purpose of today’s column, I’ll focus on a segment of this lifestyle commonly known as “raw veganism”. Vegans make it a point not to include any animal products in their diets – no chicken, dairy, eggs, meat or seafood. Those practicing a raw lifestyle take it one step further and attempt to primarily eat uncooked and unprocessed foods. It’s a challenging diet that some outsiders view with admiration, while others see it as a fanatical way of living. Read more »

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