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Chilled Roasted Pepper Soup Recipe

July 20, 2010 Written by JP

When I was a little boy there was one particular food that I simply couldn’t stand. I think most kids have at least one gastronomical nemesis. The odd thing about mine was that it was made up of ingredients that I actually enjoyed in other dishes. For instance, I loved lasagna, pasta marinara and pizza. And ketchup? Fuggedaboutit. I put it on just about everything. But tomato soup was an entirely different story. I could sit at the dinner table for hours upon hours with tears in my eyes and still never finish a bowl. Read more »

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Natural Alternative for Impotence

March 8, 2010 Written by JP

We’ve all seen commercials for prescription medications on television. The images on the screen are always very optimistic and pleasing to the eye. Not surprisingly, they give the impression that the advertised drug will make you feel happier and generally improve the quality of your life. However, the accompanying narration often paints a vastly different picture. Take, for instance, commercials for medications that address erectile dysfunction. The couples portrayed in the ads seem like they couldn’t be happier or more satisfied in every conceivable way. Perhaps that’s because they haven’t personally encountered the headaches, loss of color vision or muscle aches that sometimes occur in regular users of these drugs. Read more »

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Proactive Patients

January 14, 2010 Written by JP

I was recently reminded of one of the most important tools available to us as patients: awareness. The quality of care we receive can be greatly influenced by the feedback we provide to our treating physicians. A seemingly insignificant change in how we feel such as headache, muscle pain or an occasional “racing heart beat” could identify whether a new medication or therapy is working or life threatening. Likewise, it’s important to be mindful of any minute or substantial signs of positive changes as well. In short, we need to understand what we should expect from any new treatment and then pay close attention to any potentially related reactions. Read more »

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Cinnamon, Coffee and Male Fertility Updates

September 21, 2009 Written by JP

Medical studies often yield three different types of information. Firstly, findings that either confirm or dispute prior research. Performing multiple experiments helps scientists to form a consensus about the efficacy of any given treatment. A second category of evidence assists researchers to better understand how and why a therapy is effective. This knowledge allows for a more specific application of the test substance. Lastly, the third side on this medical triangle has to do with the discovery of new applications for already known medications and procedures. These observations take place in both allopathic and natural medicine. Read more »

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Male Fertility and Natural Medicine

June 16, 2009 Written by JP

It is estimated that approximately 1/3 of all cases of infertility are due to issues relating to the male reproductive process. In recent months, several important developments have been reported in scientific literature that may help improve male fertility. As is often the case, both body and mind play a role. But best of all, these proposed remedies are all natural and relatively inexpensive. Read more »

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