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Aquatic Therapy

August 18, 2009 Written by JP

When we think of a serious work out our minds often conjure up images of lifting heavy weights, running long distances or employing advanced technologies such as elliptical trainers. Frequently, swimming and aquatic therapies are not regarded as highly as the previously mentioned exercises. But fortunately, science doesn’t care much about popular perception. In the past few years, a good deal of study has investigated the merits of water based exercises. The results may have far reaching implications for the modern management of a number of health conditions. Read more »

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Vitamin D and Chronic Pain

July 27, 2009 Written by JP

Many people throughout the world suffer from chronic pain. The exact locations of the symptoms and the causes of the discomfort vary widely. Determining the origin of inflammatory processes can often be elusive. Therefore, doctors and patients alike generally turn to powerful medications to alleviate physical suffering. This is, of course, understandable and sometimes necessary. But there is new research that may offer an innovative tool in the fight against many pain related conditions. It turns out that the answer may lie in a simple blood test, some added sunshine and an inexpensive nutrient known as vitamin D. Read more »

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The Feldenkrais Method

June 24, 2009 Written by JP

Poor balance is a leading cause of disability and infirmity in the elder population. If you aren’t a part of that age group yet, please don’t tune out. The Feldenkrais Method is a unique mind-body technique that helps to improve balance, but, may also help a wide range of other conditions, including chronic pain, depression, eating disorders, fibromyalgia and, even, multiple sclerosis. Read more »

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Women’s Health Alternatives

January 27, 2009 Written by JP

Today I have two news items for the ladies (and all the men who love them). First I want to take on a condition that severely affects the quality of life for many women. After that, I’m going to provide new information about how women can help avoid an all too common killer. Read more »

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Guided Imagery

December 16, 2008 Written by JP

Tune In and Get Healthy

“The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.” John Milton, Paradise Lost

Our mind plays a role in every healing journey or every healing crisis that we face. It all depends on how you look at it. Read more »

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