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Lupin Flour Review

May 30, 2013 Written by JP

Sometimes solutions for modern day problems can be found be revisiting the past. For instance, the Incan and Roman empires were both well acquainted with an ancient food source collectively known as lupins. In North America, Native Americans also utilized lupin kernels as a traditional ingredient. Today, lupin based products are enjoying a resurgence because they supply certain dietary components which may be useful in managing diabetes, heart disease and obesity. What’s more, the spotlight on lupins has expanded beyond theoretical benefits. Over the past few decades, researchers have decided to scientifically test the health effects of lupin flour in various at-risk populations.

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Raw Food Diet Revolution

August 7, 2009 Written by JP

One of the hottest trends in the alternative health community is raw foodism. This term encompasses many different practices and philosophical beliefs but, for the purpose of today’s column, I’ll focus on a segment of this lifestyle commonly known as “raw veganism”. Vegans make it a point not to include any animal products in their diets – no chicken, dairy, eggs, meat or seafood. Those practicing a raw lifestyle take it one step further and attempt to primarily eat uncooked and unprocessed foods. It’s a challenging diet that some outsiders view with admiration, while others see it as a fanatical way of living. Read more »

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Fish Oil and IQ

March 19, 2009 Written by JP

Let’s face it, we are all affected both positively and negatively by the genes we inherit. Intelligence and overall brain function are no exceptions to this rule. But there are things that parents can do to help encourage optimal brain development in their kids. Today I’m going to focus on one simple strategy that can help ensure that nutrition plays a constructive role in shaping the minds of this and future generations. Read more »

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