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Your Biological Machine

October 27, 2010 Written by JP

The human body is infinitely more complex than any machine created by mankind. But it is sometimes useful to think about it in similar terms. Two of the most frequently used machines in modern life are automobiles and personal computers. In order for either of them to function efficiently, they need proper fuel (electricity and gasoline) and periodic maintenance. Fueling up a car and plugging in a lap top has become second nature in the 21st century. Unfortunately, so too has the unhealthy manner by which many people re-fuel themselves – drive-thrus, frozen dinners, etc. The trouble is that the human body doesn’t provide as immediate a response to improper nourishment as most machines do. Rather, the human organism is exceedingly resilient and can put up with years of improper care before demonstrating overt evidence of damage.
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New Vitamin D News

September 15, 2010 Written by JP

There are many different writing styles. Some health reporters seek out a specific niche and stick to it. Others mine a more diverse topic base from which to select material. I tend to fall between the two camps. While researching, I allow the material that I come across in my daily life to dictate what I cover. At times this gives me the luxury of presenting a broad cross-section of information. But occasionally, what I discover prompts me to revisit select topics on a regular basis. Such is the case with research involving Vitamin D. Currently, there is a tremendous amount of scientific attention being paid to this humble “sunshine” nutrient. Some of the more dramatic data makes the evening news. Much of it does not. The latter category is the subject of my column today.
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The Gingivitis Diet

October 1, 2009 Written by JP

Every now and then a story appears on the news about the house that’s the neighborhood eyesore. The lawn is dying and overrun with weeds. A rusted, broken down car is parked in the driveway. Paint is peeling from the walls and windows are boarded up. In such instances, the lack of care of that residence impacts the entire “health” of the neighborhood. The same is true of the human body. If one part of the anatomy isn’t properly cared for, it frequently affects many of the neighboring organs and systems. Read more »

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Green Tea and Periodontal Disease

March 5, 2009 Written by JP

One of the first things you notice about someone is their smile. It gives you an indication about their mood, personality and quite frankly, their hygiene. But even more importantly, the mouth is the gateway to good nutrition. If we can’t chew properly, then we can’t fully digest our food. Modern science is also building case for the connection between poor periodontal (gum) health and heart disease. So it’s more important than ever to practice good oral care. In today’s blog, I’m going to share some information that can help keep gums and teeth in prime shape. Read more »

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