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Chilled Roasted Pepper Soup Recipe

July 20, 2010 Written by JP

When I was a little boy there was one particular food that I simply couldn’t stand. I think most kids have at least one gastronomical nemesis. The odd thing about mine was that it was made up of ingredients that I actually enjoyed in other dishes. For instance, I loved lasagna, pasta marinara and pizza. And ketchup? Fuggedaboutit. I put it on just about everything. But tomato soup was an entirely different story. I could sit at the dinner table for hours upon hours with tears in my eyes and still never finish a bowl. Read more »

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Age Better

June 16, 2010 Written by JP

There’s no denying that our bodies and minds change as we age. This is evidenced in our appearance and in the way that our physiology copes with everyday activities. A passing glance in the mirror reveals a thicker midsection than we remember. A conversation at a dinner party is only partially understood because some of the dialog is spoken too softly. Even our favorite meals of yesteryear no longer hold the same appeal. Instead of being a source of comfort food, they’re now just a source of indigestion. Aging is inevitable. But there are some natural ways to slow down the process and, possibly, minimize the unwanted effects of growing older.
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