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Hospital Makeovers

March 3, 2010 Written by JP

I happened to hear a segment on the radio program “Marketplace” while driving in my car the other day. The piece that caught my attention was entitled, “The Cure: Remaking Health Care”. The focus of this National Public Radio report was the San Diego-based Sharp Memorial Hospital, a $200 million facility that was built using the principles of “evidence-based design”. But can design alone be responsible for improving health outcomes in patients and saving millions, maybe even billions in healthcare costs down the line? Read more »

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Healthy Hospital Tips

September 29, 2009 Written by JP

At one point or another almost everyone ends up in a hospital. Or, at the very least, someone that you care about pays a visit to one. When that time comes, it’s vital to be aware of certain resources that can help ensure a healthier and safer stay. The suggestions presented today have been validated by recent scientific studies. I’m sharing them in the hope that they will be helpful for both the patients being treated and the nurses and physicians who provide such care. Read more »

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