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Prescription 2014: Better Bitter Digestion

June 9, 2014 Written by JP

The word bitter has become synonymous with negative imagery. “That was a bitter pill to swallow.” “The night manager was bitter and spiteful about the way his supervisor treated him.” “In life you must accept the bitter along with the sweet.” The same is true of modern culinary trends. Recipes often call for the addition of sweet ingredients to temper the natural bitterness of popular foods – think hot cocoa, lattes and green leafy vegetables. But, what’s frequently lost in translation is that the bitter phytochemicals in common foods and herbs sometimes impart medicinal and/or therapeutic activity.

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Sauerkraut Health Benefits

December 10, 2012 Written by JP

As a general rule, I avoid writing columns solely inspired by anecdotal evidence. After all, one of the objectives of my work on this site is to present information that is supported by verifiable, scientific evidence. So, when a client of mine reported success using sauerkraut for his heartburn symptoms, I acknowledged it with interest, but had no plan to write about it. On that same day, while updating my database on probiotics, I happened upon some intriguing research on … You guessed it – sauerkraut. Whether a coincidence or not, I took it as an opportunity to look into fermented cabbage aka sauerkraut, an important and underutilized “super food”.

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Age Better

June 16, 2010 Written by JP

There’s no denying that our bodies and minds change as we age. This is evidenced in our appearance and in the way that our physiology copes with everyday activities. A passing glance in the mirror reveals a thicker midsection than we remember. A conversation at a dinner party is only partially understood because some of the dialog is spoken too softly. Even our favorite meals of yesteryear no longer hold the same appeal. Instead of being a source of comfort food, they’re now just a source of indigestion. Aging is inevitable. But there are some natural ways to slow down the process and, possibly, minimize the unwanted effects of growing older.
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