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Green Tea, Leukemia and Weight Loss News

June 10, 2010 Written by JP

Today marks yet another edition of Twitter Thursday. A special note: One of our frequently featured contributors just celebrated a birthday on Tuesday and I want to take this opportunity to give him a big shout out. Happy birthday, Dr. Weil! Many of you are undoubtedly aware of Andrew Weil and the profoundly significant role he’s played in integrating alternative and complementary medicine into the mainstream. He’s now 68 years old and continues to be a leader in the integrative health movement. Even though we don’t agree on all heath care issues, I fervently believe that he is indeed one of the good guys currently working in the healing arts. Read more »

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Green Tea and Leukemia

May 28, 2009 Written by JP

Leukemia is a form of cancer that effects bone marrow, the soft tissue inside the bones that produces blood cells. People with leukemia manufacture large amounts of abnormal white blood cells (leukemia cells). These cells differ from standard white blood cells, which the body uses to combat infections. Leukemia cells overpopulate the marrow, and thereby limit the space in which normal blood cells would typically reside. These changes can lead to anemia, bleeding problems, increased risk of infection, pain and swelling in the lymph nodes and beyond, if the leukemia cells spread.
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