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Berry Lime Freeze Recipe

July 18, 2011 Written by JP

Many of the memories formed in childhood remain with us for decades to come. Some are profound like remembrances of formative times spent with family and friends. Others are simple, sensory experiences that take us back to a specific time and place. When I was a boy living in Hacienda Heights, California, one of the most popular treats on hot summer days was a fruit flavored, crushed iced drink available at local convenience stores. “ICEEs” or “Splurpees”, as they were called, sent your taste buds into the stratosphere with an abundance of artificial flavors and sugar. They also colored your tongue unnatural, but very cool, shades of blue, orange or red. As a child this was something rather special. It was a junk food treat that Moms across the nation would rarely endorse, but couldn’t quite keep their kids away from either. Read more »

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