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Gluten Free Snacks

August 13, 2009 Written by JP

Thursday is the day of the week that I venture out to my local health food store. Today’s mission: To find a crunchy snack that’s all-natural, nutritious and delicious. It’s a tall order, but I think I’ve come up with three noteworthy items that fit the bill. There’s a little something for everyone: raw foodists, vegetarians and those of us on low-carb diets. I’m even throwing in a recipe from my own kitchen that is far more versatile and easy to prepare than any other chip or cracker I’ve ever made. Please join me on this brief tour to the land of healthy snacking. Read more »

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Doctor Patient Relationship

July 29, 2009 Written by JP

I believe that the cornerstone of good health is a constructive relationship between patient and physician. It’s a real gamble to remain passive and simply hope that doctors will ask all the right questions and pass along every piece of pertinent information that is currently available. That’s simply too great a burden to place on any type of “healer”. But beyond that, I think all patients have a responsibility to share what they’ve personally learned in order to improve the quality of their own care and, possibly, the care of fellow patients. The following information may be relevant to many who would like to take a more pro-active approach in their own wellness program. Read more »

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Super Fruits and Veggies

July 8, 2009 Written by JP

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you know my general philosophy is to steer you toward antioxidant and nutrient dense whole foods that are low in sugar. This is the basic tenet of most low carbohydrate diets. But there is a common misconception about carb reduced menu plans and that is that they can’t include plenty of vegetables and even some fruit. This is simply not the case. Today I’ll focus on several exceptional fruits and vegetables that can be deliciously incorporated into almost any diet. These are the exact types of foods that have enjoyed a favorable scientific spotlight for years now. In addition, I’ll provide some very simple ways in which you can prepare these nutritional gems to enhance flavor while keeping prep time in check. Read more »

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Breast Cancer Protection

July 1, 2009 Written by JP

I have a simple and completely immodest goal for today’s column: to help drastically reduce the number of breast cancer diagnoses in the years to come. It may not be realistic to expect that kind of impact from a health blog such as this. But I’m confident that implementing the research presented on this site and other scientifically based sources, you can influence the risk of developing this all too common disease. By taking proactive steps to protect yourself, you’ll then likely influence others in a positive way, including your doctors. This is how true health revolutions take foot. Inform yourself, lead by example, spread the word and defy the odds. Read more »

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Holistic Brain Care

June 30, 2009 Written by JP

I’ve noticed that some people tend to compartmentalize their health conditions. Doctors and lay people alike often think about organs and systems in isolation. It’s not uncommon for someone to identify the status of their health by mentioning a particular condition, such as diabetes or heart disease. But the truth is that any serious health concern or collection of symptoms is almost always influenced by seemingly unrelated conditions. This concept is widely embraced in the holistic community but has gained slower acceptance in the allopathic medical establishment. Regardless of what kind of doctor treats you, I think it’s important to emphasize the subtle links between body systems. Today, I’ll illustrate an example by connecting the dots among several separate news items. Read more »

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Light Therapy, Low Carb Diets and Coffee Updates

June 9, 2009 Written by JP

This site is all about providing information about safe(r) and viable alternatives to conventional treatments. Although I understand that some of the data presented here could be considered controversial, that’s not my intention. In fact, I try not to factor that in at all when writing these columns. My sincere intent is to allow for the scientific research to dictate which items I cover. I do, however, make a conscious effort to find material that is unlikely to get much attention from the “traditional medical establishment”. By presenting such data, I hope to assist readers in making a more informed decision as to how to best formulate a wellness program.
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Weight Loss News

May 19, 2009 Written by JP

Over the past 8 months or so, I’ve lost just over 70 lbs. Many of the weight loss strategies I’ve employed were taken directly from medical studies I read about in scientific literature. Several recent trials exemplify the core principles that are helping me to reach my goal.
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Gluten Intolerance and Schizophrenia

April 22, 2009 Written by JP

A fascinating case report was presented in the February 2009 issue of the journal Nutrition and Metabolism. It documents the transformation of a 70 year old woman who had suffered from schizophrenia since the age of 7. The most remarkable aspect of her return to wellness is that it was prompted by a simple shift in her diet. What’s even more important to note is that this miraculous healing is not an isolated event.
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Healthy Appetizers

April 2, 2009 Written by JP

Let’s say you’re hosting a party and a few of your guests have special nutritional needs. Maybe they’re diabetic or trying to avoid refined carbohydrates and sugar. Or perhaps they suffer from celiac disease, which makes eating most grains out of the question. Today I’d like to share a few of my favorite appetizers, which happen to be very low in sugar and gluten-free. But make no mistake, they’re loaded with robust flavors that’ll satisfy even the pickiest eaters. Read more »

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A Low Carb Menu

January 24, 2009 Written by JP

One of the greatest gifts of the Internet is the ability to learn more about the lives of others. By writing this blog, I hope to not only provide scientific information that may be useful, but also a glimpse into some of the healthier practices of my life. Sometimes seeing how others apply health principles can help us to adopt similar concepts or even inspire us to improve upon the examples we see. Read more »

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The Diabetes Diet

January 6, 2009 Written by JP

Type 2 diabetes affects approximately 18 million men, women and children in the US, and that number is growing at an alarming rate. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control have recently classified type 2 diabetes as an epidemic because the number of people diagnosed has doubled between the years of 1990 to 2005. Why is this happening? Poor diet and lifestyle are thought to be the primary reasons. The fatter and more out of shape we become, the more likely were are to contract this potentially life-threatening disorder. Read more »

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