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Camel Milk Research

July 15, 2015 Written by JP

One of the fastest growing food categories is cow milk alternatives. By now, many consumers are aware of both animal and plant-based beverages that are targeted to those who need or wish to avoid conventional milk. On the animal side of the aisle, you can now easily find goat and sheep’s milk in health food stores and specialty markets. Plant-based “milks” aren’t actually milk at all. But, these fortified drinks made from almonds, coconuts, cashews, hemp and soy can and do substitute quite well for milk under some circumstances. The bottom line is that milk has become a major component in the modern diet, and that has spurred a rapidly evolving revolution in dairy and dairy substitutes.

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Cashew Milk Recipe

October 31, 2012 Written by JP

Homemade cashew milk is a valuable resource for anyone who’s interested in improving hydration, nutrient density and/or promoting weight gain. The first two objectives are fairly commonplace. Many people admit that they don’t drink enough water or eat enough whole foods. The issue of healthful weight gain isn’t as prevalent a concern. However, it does apply to a significant portion of the population for various reasons ranging from weight loss associated with disease states to eating disorders.

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Heart Saving Headlines

May 23, 2011 Written by JP

An important lesson cardiologists have learned over the past few decades is that patients don’t necessarily need to be overweight or out of shape to be at risk for heart attacks and strokes. Even more surprising to some is that the processes that underlie heart disease often begin very early in life. Fatty deposits in arteries or atherosclerosis is no longer considered the exclusive domain of adults. These undeniable facts provide justification for a steady stream of new information about how to best manage the current and ever growing cardiovascular crisis. Read more »

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Garlic Breath Remedies

December 7, 2010 Written by JP

Garlic is one of the most commonly enjoyed seasonings in modern cuisine. There’s little doubt that many a dish benefits from it. Likewise, the health promoting attributes of garlic have been revered and utilized by civilizations for thousands of years. All that said, the after effects of Allium sativum consumption sometimes leave much to be desired. The reality is that garlic doesn’t just affect breath via the oral cavity. Recent scientific inquiries into this malodorous topic attest to the fact that certain sulfur compounds in garlic such as allyl methyl sulfide (AMS), hydrogen sulfide and methanethiol can also emanate from the gut. But you don’t necessarily need to give up garlic altogether in order to keep your colleagues, friends and mates happy. Before resorting to such extreme measures, you might consider trying out the following natural breath fresheners.
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Dr. Loren Cordain Interview Part Two

October 7, 2010 Written by JP

In part two of my interview with Dr. Loren Cordain, I’ll turn the spotlight on the most recent scientific developments regarding Paleolithic nutrition. Dr. Cordain shares some insights about using a traditional diet to manage autoimmune diseases. He also comments on a current batch of “modern day Paleo diets” and describes what he’d like see in future scientific investigations. We’ll even get a sneak peak into his forthcoming book, The Paleo Diet Cookbook.
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Coffee Milk Controversy

August 11, 2010 Written by JP

A reader recently asked me whether adding cow’s milk to coffee negates any of its health benefits. My investigation into the topic lead me down a few different roads. However, all of the paths ultimately ended at the same destination – how to make a healthier “cup of Joe”. The solution is simpler and tastier than you might think. Read more »

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Milk and Constipation

May 17, 2010 Written by JP

This is my second entry in a series of columns that will be carried on the Healthy Monday web site. As a reminder, the goal of the Healthy Monday program is to offer practical suggestions that may help reduce the incidence of preventable disease. In my opinion, one of the best ways to accomplish this objective is to address the underlying issues that lead to health disorders in the first place. Get to the root of the problem rather than simply rely on medications to manage symptoms. Read more »

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