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Prescription 2014: Supplement Your Brain

August 14, 2014 Written by JP

It’s rare to find someone who is entirely satisfied with how their brain functions. Some people have periodic or persistent episodes of “brain fog”. Others find themselves prone to distraction. Also, complaints about sluggish cognitive processing and memory recall are commonplace in my consulting work. Then, there are those who are relatively pleased with their mental acuity, but would be even happier to have an added edge. In all of these cases and more, certain supplements can make a difference above and beyond the basic measures that most people employ to stay healthy.

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Patient Power

October 21, 2009 Written by JP

I wish doctors were able to follow new developments in medicine much like investors track the stock market. Unfortunately that’s not possible for most physicians. There simply isn’t enough time to run a successful practice and adequately pursue the most cutting edge research. That’s why I encourage you to share the information found on this site with others and with your health care team. Doing so can help your doctor stay current in a way that he or she might not be able to otherwise. Read more »

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