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Tea Seed Oil

October 14, 2016 Written by JP

In recent years, the low fat diet trend has lost a lot of steam. These days, many health authorities no longer recommend restricting dietary fat indiscriminately. Having said that, there is still a fair share of disagreement about what exactly constitutes healthy lipid sources. Just about everyone agrees that hydrogenated fats (aka trans-fats) are harmful. Likewise, most nutritional experts recommend seeking out omega-3 fatty acids such as those found in cold water fish, grass fed meat and select seeds, including flax, hemp and chia. On the other hand, saturated fats and vegetable oils tend to fall into the “questionable” category.

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Super Salad Smoothie Recipe

February 10, 2014 Written by JP

During my recent health crisis, I began looking into new ways of getting more fresh fruits and vegetables into my daily diet. One option that immediately came to mind was eating salad. This isn’t my favorite way of enjoying vegetables, but, admittedly, it is a healthy and practical way to eat more of them. After a few days of having salad after salad, I began to wonder: Could I get more nutrition from similar ingredients if I blended them up? A crazy idea, I know. However, in theory, the end result could be something like a combination of a salad and soup. In practice, it became known as my “Super Salad Smoothie”.

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Kale Kimchi Cholesterol Reducer

April 26, 2013 Written by JP

Over the years, several of my clients have expressed concern about borderline high levels of LDL cholesterol. In almost every case, the rest of their lipid profile (HDL or “good” cholesterol, triglycerides and VLDL or very low density cholesterol) were generally classified as acceptable to outstanding. Uniformly, my response has been that there’s nothing to be concerned about if they’re already leading a heart healthy lifestyle that avoids smoking and includes regular exercise, stress management and a nutrient-dense diet. Personally, I tell them that under the same circumstances, I wouldn’t use medications or supplements to lower my LDL cholesterol. However, on occasion, the largely unjustified fear that’s been instilled about LDL cholesterol persists and some sort of action is requested.

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Monounsaturated Fats

June 6, 2012 Written by JP

The fact that I embrace science as a means of validating natural remedies occasionally puts me at odds with strict holistic advocates. In a recent encounter, I was accused of aligning myself with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – an organization which, by most accounts, has a contentious relationship with the natural health community. My response was that if I were affiliated with the FDA, prescriptions for statin medications (used to lower cholesterol) would become obsolete and avocados would be stocked in pharmacies throughout the land.

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Diabetes Protection

October 25, 2010 Written by JP

Do you ever wonder what life will be like in the year 2050? Futurists are notorious for being way off base in their predictions about what’s to come. Let’s face it, we don’t see many flying cars or teleportation devices around us. Fortunately, medical predictions are generally easier to approximate. This is especially true when such prognostications involve health conditions that are largely shaped by lifestyle factors. A current report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that one out of every three adults in the US could develop type 2 diabetes in the next 40 years. That’s an enormous leap from the present level of 1 in 10 adults. The most recent statistics from 2007 assign diabetes the seventh spot on the list of leading causes of death in the U.S. What’s more, roughly $174 billion health care dollars were spent managing the disease and its complications. My Healthy Monday tip of the week is to do all you can to not become a part of the above statistics. (1,2)
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Cilantro Pepita Pesto Recipe

October 12, 2010 Written by JP

I often discuss the concept of complementary medicine wherein one uses an alternative or holistic strategy to improve the efficacy and safety of a conventional treatment. Today’s recipe could be considered a “complementary recipe”. You can add it to a variety of main courses or side dishes to enhance flavor and catapult its health promoting potential. In fact, this an excellent approach to take whenever constructing meals. Start with a nutrient dense menu item, then think about how you can make it even more beneficial by selectively incorporating antioxidant rich dips, marinades and sauces.
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Branzino en Papillote Recipe

September 14, 2010 Written by JP

Cooking can be an adventure. I recently undertook a recipe that involved using an ingredient and cooking technique that were completely new to me. In doing so, there was a certain degree of excitement and trepidation involved, but it’s precisely that kind of risk and uncertainty that can produce a richly rewarding (and delicious) experience. Today’s recipe now ranks among my favorite seafood meals of all time. What’s best of all is that I know exactly how it was made and the quality of the healthful components contained therein.
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Green Tea, Leukemia and Weight Loss News

June 10, 2010 Written by JP

Today marks yet another edition of Twitter Thursday. A special note: One of our frequently featured contributors just celebrated a birthday on Tuesday and I want to take this opportunity to give him a big shout out. Happy birthday, Dr. Weil! Many of you are undoubtedly aware of Andrew Weil and the profoundly significant role he’s played in integrating alternative and complementary medicine into the mainstream. He’s now 68 years old and continues to be a leader in the integrative health movement. Even though we don’t agree on all heath care issues, I fervently believe that he is indeed one of the good guys currently working in the healing arts. Read more »

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Olive Oil and Red Wine Gifts

December 10, 2009 Written by JP

A few years ago I gave my wife a rather unconventional gift for the holidays. It was a book of “vouchers for lovers”. In it, there were coupons that could be redeemed whenever she chose. Some of the options included requests for “alone time”, “a big kiss”, “breakfast in bed”, “a candlelight dinner”, “a foot massage” and “a weekend getaway”. I don’t know who originally conceived of this idea, but I thought it was very clever. It seemed like an excellent way for couples to give a lot without necessarily having to spend a lot. Read more »

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Healthier Barbecuing and Grilling

September 4, 2009 Written by JP

This Monday is Labor Day in the United States. Among other traditions, barbecuing and grilling frequently play a prominent role in the celebration of this holiday. But little known guests called “heterocyclic aromatic amines” (HCAs) almost always tag along and try to spoil the festivities. HCAs are toxic substances commonly produced during the cooking of beef, chicken, fish and pork. So today, I’ll tell you how to keep HCAs from crashing the party and get rid of the HCAs to which we can’t help but be exposed. Read more »

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Olive Oil and Heart Health

June 2, 2009 Written by JP

One of the great obstacles in making dietary changes is the lack of assurance as to what the outcome will be. Will the effort expended to change translate into real world results? In certain instances scientific testing can help quantify objective improvements derived from lifestyle modification. Examples include regularly testing your blood pressure, blood sugar or cholesterol levels. But before even considering new health practices, most people would like to know the basis for making such a change.
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The Secret Life of Olive Oil

December 23, 2008 Written by JP

There’s a trend in modern medicine in which natural substances are isolated and then transformed into artificial chemicals which can be tested, patented and eventually sold as prescription medications. This has become the accepted mode by which conventional medicine has chosen to incorporate nature into science. But a lesson that’s been learned time and time again is that science is often not very good at accurately replicating nature. A recent example of this is currently under development. It’s a work in progress and I’d like to give you a tour of the process. Our story picks up in Granada, Spain. Read more »

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