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Natural Products Expo West 2016 Part One

April 2, 2016 Written by JP

Last month, I joined approximately 77,000 other members of the natural health community in Anaheim, California. Natural Products Expo West is an ever expanding mecca for exhibitors of all sorts of holistically-inspired body care, foods, household goods and supplements. All told there were over 3,000 exhibitors presenting their respective wares. At the same time, there was also a broad array of educational presentations on topics ranging from sustainable agriculture to the future of probiotics.

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Tomato Juice Revelations

April 22, 2015 Written by JP

Long time readers of this site know that I’m not a big fan of juicing. Sure, some juices are better than others i.e. those made from low glycemic, nutrient dense vegetables and small amounts of fruit. But, in most cases, they’re simply not as health promoting as eating the whole foods which are the starting points of the juices. What’s more, juices are often too high in naturally occurring sugar and deficient in dietary fiber which supports optimal blood sugar response. Still, it’s important not to paint virtually any food category with too broad a brush.

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Blood Red Oranges

August 22, 2013 Written by JP

Lately, I’ve received a few questions asking about the differences between conventional oranges and blood or red oranges. One of the inquiries came on the heels a recent news items proclaiming that orange juice is even worse than soda, in terms of promoting weight gain, on a calorie for calorie basis. Could it be that red orange juice is a better option? Another reader was curious after noticing a red orange extract in a product intended to protect against sun related skin damage. And, as it turns out, there’s also been an upswing in current scientific research involving this vibrantly colored fruit that’s native to California, Sicily and Spain.

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Organic Food Debate

September 7, 2012 Written by JP

On a daily basis, headlines appear on your computer screen, radio and television that may lead you to question almost everything you think you know about how to stay well. The latest and most provocative example is a news item that puts into question the value of consuming organic foods. Conventional media outlets, including Reuters, have posted pieces with definitive sounding titles such as, “Organic Food No More Nutritious Than Non-Organic”. However, a closer look at the source data and current studies appearing in the scientific literature suggest that there’s more to the story than just this sort of headline.

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Eat More Organic Strawberries

January 11, 2012 Written by JP

Avoid sugary foods. Cut back on carbohydrates. Skip dessert. If you’re at all interested in weight management and well being, you’ve probably been advised to follow one or all of these adages. But, how you apply this advice is as important as whether you follow it at all. For instance, if you avoid wholesome fruits such as strawberries you’re missing out on important health benefits that are frequently overlooked.

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Pesticide Shopping Guide

May 6, 2010 Written by JP

We’re all told to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables in order to support good health. But has your doctor or nutritionist ever explained which produce items are most likely to contain higher levels of pesticides? Probably not. This is a shame because if you’re eating large amounts of conventionally grown fruits and veggies, you’re almost certainly taking in a fair amount of pesticide residue right along with the valuable antioxidants, fiber and nutrients inherently present in these foods. This may seem like a discouraging state of affairs. However, being aware of this reality is a good starting point to improve upon the quality of what you eat and feed your family. Read more »

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Apples and Cancer Protection

December 2, 2009 Written by JP

Sometimes the best way to draw attention to a specific issue is to simply lay out the stark facts and figures. It is estimated that nearly 50,000 people will die in 2009 from colorectal cancer in the United States alone. If you look at the combined incidence of colorectal cancer in both men and women, it is the second leading cause of cancer related mortality. In the US, that means that over 106,000 people will be diagnosed with colon cancer and about 41,000 will learn that they have rectal cancer this year. What’s more, governmental statistics estimate that the lifetime risk of developing colorectal cancer is about 1 in 19 or 5.3%. These numbers may seem shocking because these forms of cancer simply do not receive as much attention as breast or prostate cancer for instance. But the news about colorectal cancer isn’t all negative. According to the US Centers for Disease Control, the “death rate” from colorectal cancer is on the decline, perhaps due to better screening and removal of pre-cancerous colon polyps. But, as always, I believe the most promising avenue in the field of cancer research involves the safe and judicious use of “preventive medicine”. Read more »

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Natural Hair and Skin Care

July 9, 2009 Written by JP

In an attempt to personalize, I’m going to invite you all into a part of my world that only my wife and select family and friends ever venture into: our bathroom. Don’t be scared! There’s a perfectly logical reason for this. If you’re anything like me, you probably stare at the seemingly endless wall of natural hair and skin care items at your local health food store with a perplexed look on your face. The good news is that this very expression often attracts the cosmetics attendant on staff to try to rescue you from your daze. The bad news is that I rarely feel like I end up walking out of the store with exactly the type of product I was looking for. But through much trial and error, I’ve found a group of products by a single manufacturer with which I’ve experienced some success. I’m not trying to sell you anything, but rather hope that this information will assist you in finding cleaner products at a fraction of the cost and time. Read more »

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Whole Grains and Organic Vegetables

June 22, 2009 Written by JP

Lots of people become frustrated when trying to interpret nutritional information. One day the news will report that eggs are dangerous and should be eaten only on rare occasions. A few months later, the headline will read that eggs can actually promote good health when eaten daily. This same type of back and forth can be found in most aspects of diet and lifestyle modification. The way to deal with conflicting data is either examine them closely or seek out those who make it their business to do the detective work for you. By following either of these tactics, the mystery surrounding the debate about what’s healthy and what’s not becomes much more manageable and, in turn, will make you a nutritional insider. Read more »

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Berry Power

January 9, 2009 Written by JP

What’s the first thing you notice when you look at a blueberry or a cranberry or a raspberry? Our eyes usually pick up on the vibrant colors that are painted all over these seasonal fruits. And perhaps there’s a good reason why these colors draw our attention. You see, many of the health promoting substances in berries are present because of the pigments that make them so distinctive. Read more »

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Healthy Shopping for Organic Food

December 2, 2008 Written by JP

Shopping for healthy foods is always a balancing act. How do we go about finding the healthiest foods while staying within our budget? The answer is simple: by shopping smarter. Read more »

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