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Natural Products Expo West 2016 Part Three

April 18, 2016 Written by JP

One of the distinct pleasures of attending Natural Products Expo West is the opportunity to take part in some fascinating educational events. This year, three lectures in particular struck a cord with me. At the core of each presentation was a focus on specific supplements that have yet to break into the mainstream. However, based on the data that I’ve reviewed, this is likely to change in the near future.

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Healthier Cola Alternatives

September 19, 2012 Written by JP

Most health conscious consumers know that soft drinks such Coca Cola and Pepsi Cola aren’t exactly healthy. Even the diet, sugar-free versions of these beverages are loaded with questionable ingredients. Nonetheless, if sales are any indication, a significant percentage of the population isn’t terribly concerned about the implications of drinking cola on a regular basis. This is, in part, due to the caffeine content. Taste is also a factor. However, not everyone knows that there are delicious, natural alternatives to conventional colas that provide a similar “kick” without the artificial ingredients.

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Vitamin K Question

September 10, 2012 Written by JP

In a recent conversation, I was asked about the safety of Vitamin K supplements in relation to cardiovascular health. The gentleman I was speaking with brought up the possibility of excessive blood clotting or coagulation. The basis for his concern is that some “blood thinning” medications, such as coumadin (Warfarin), work by antagonizing Vitamin K. What’s more, physicians often recommend limiting Vitamin K consumption via food and supplementation in patients using Vitamin K antagonists. But, what about the majority of the population that isn’t using coumadin or related drugs?

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Mineral Water Question

August 17, 2012 Written by JP

I was recently contacted by a young lady whose mother has osteoporosis. I was told that she’s unable to have dairy and many calcium-fortified foods such as orange juice and soy products. In addition, she has a difficult time swallowing pills. On the other hand, she very much enjoys mineral water. Her question to me was, “Can I drink mineral water instead of taking a calcium supplement?”.

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Is Maple Syrup Healthy?

July 23, 2012 Written by JP

Natural sweeteners, whether agave nectar, honey or stevia are often perceived and/or represented as reasonably healthy, especially when used in moderation. Support for this theory typically stems from two prevalent beliefs. The first asserts that natural substances are more compatible with the human body than synthetic counterparts, such as aspartame (Equal), saccharine (Sweet’N Low) and sucralose (Splenda). Secondly, there are claims that some natural sweeteners are actually good sources of nutrients. In both instances, modern science can help “separate the wheat from the chaff” when it comes to sweeteners of all kinds.

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Bone Density Success

May 30, 2012 Written by JP

Recently, a client of mine experienced a very positive response to a natural regimen I recommended for improving skeletal health. Today’s column highlights the basic principles my client used to turn the tide from losing bone to gaining it. I can’t promise that others will find the same results. However, I hope that this real life example will encourage everyone concerned about osteoporosis to examine how they’re approaching it from a dietary, lifestyle and supplemental standpoint.

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Mind Body Supplements

December 2, 2011 Written by JP

The majority of my clients use nutritional supplements. Some only take a capsule or two a day. Others literally swallow a handful of carefully selected supplements. Each person has a unique set of needs and requirements that is considered in my evidence-based recommendations. However, there is one suggestion that I make across the board. I strongly recommend that everyone make a list of the supplements they use, with a little note next to the name that describes why each capsule, soft gel and tablet is being taken. This list should be reviewed occasionally as a reminder of why you’re making the effort and spending your hard earned money on this regimen. I personally do this when preparing my family’s supplements for the week.

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Whole Body Vibration

November 30, 2011 Written by JP

Exercising is considered an effective means of preserving bone mineral density as part of a comprehensive bone health regimen. In recent years, some medical experts have begun to recommend a more passive strategy to accomplish this same objective. Whole-body vibration (WBV) is a practice in which you lie down, sit or stand on a vibrating platform that sends waves of energy throughout your body. In some instances, specific forms of exercise including squats are integrated into the vibrating experience. In either case, this active or passive activity causes muscles to contract in a manner that is similar to a physical workout. Proponents of whole-body vibration often claim that the physiological response to WBV provides as good or greater health benefits than more traditional forms of physical exertion in less time.

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Coffee Calcium Controversy

February 1, 2011 Written by JP

This past weekend I was catching up with my parents. They mentioned that they had attended a women’s health seminar hosted by a local physician. One of the points made by this particular speaker was that calcium supplements should never be taken with coffee. She went on to explain that coffee impairs the absorption of this essential mineral and could be counterproductive for anyone attempting to support bone mineral density. Since calcium supplements and coffee are prevalently used these days, I decided to take a look at what the medical literature has to say about this timely topic.
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Natural Stress Relievers

September 3, 2010 Written by JP

There was a time when stress was largely considered a nuisance and little more than that. You just coped with it by blowing off some steam in one way or another. That could mean having a “drink” or five at the end of a hard day. Or maybe your crutch was cigarettes. Judging by the current obesity epidemic, it now seems that junk food has claimed top spot in the comfort providing department. But what’s changed in recent times is the awareness of how stress hormones affect our physiology. It’s not just “all in your head” any longer.
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Massage Benefits

August 16, 2010 Written by JP

If you had millions of dollars at your disposal, what luxuries would be on the top of your list? A mansion surrounded by a large plot of land? A fleet of sports cars? Perhaps a wardrobe filled with the most “fashion forward” accessories, clothes and shoes? None of those options have ever been all that appealing to me. But I’ll admit to one extravagance that would be most welcome – having a weekly massage. When Mrs. Healthy Fellow and I go on vacation we often fit in at least one afternoon at full service spa. There we indulge in some type of bodywork, be it an aromatherapy or hot stone massage, a facial or a session of reflexology. Sure it’s pricey but you leave feeling great and with the knowledge that you’ve invested in something health promoting for the body and mind. That’s why my Healthy Monday tip of the week is to give others and yourself the gift of massage.
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Coffee Milk Controversy

August 11, 2010 Written by JP

A reader recently asked me whether adding cow’s milk to coffee negates any of its health benefits. My investigation into the topic lead me down a few different roads. However, all of the paths ultimately ended at the same destination – how to make a healthier “cup of Joe”. The solution is simpler and tastier than you might think. Read more »

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Holistic Tweets

July 8, 2010 Written by JP

Long before the advent of alarm clocks, the Sun served as mankind’s lone wake-up call. Conversely, when the dark hours of night rolled around it was an obvious reminder to rest and allow the body to recover from the active day that preceded. This was the logical pattern that served countless generations well, but that has largely been abandoned in modern times. While it’s impractical to try and reclaim this traditional sleep-wake cycle, it may be wise to inch closer to it in ways that fit our schedules. Read more »

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