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Alternatives for Toenail Fungus

June 13, 2012 Written by JP

Nothing says ‘summer’ quite like lounging around the pool in a swimsuit and flip flops. But, if you’re one of the millions of people with toenail fungus, wearing sandals may be something you dread. Fungal infections of the toenail (onychomycosis) affect an estimated 6 to 8% of the adult population. And, although they rarely present a serious health risk, it’s still an unsightly reminder that an infection has taken hold. Worse still, conventional treatments for this largely cosmetic condition often carry the risk of serious side effects including liver damage. Thankfully, both allopathic and alternative healers have some non-pharamacological options worth considering.

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Dental Health Matters

June 8, 2011 Written by JP

Diseased gums and decaying teeth spell trouble far beyond the quality of a smile. Within the oral cavity lies the potential to influence everything from cardiovascular disease and diabetes to the risk of potentially life threatening infections. Good to remember if you ever wonder whether it’s truly necessary to brush and floss twice daily. Read more »

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Bee Propolis

December 14, 2010 Written by JP

Propolis isn’t nearly as well known as honey. In fact, it serves no culinary purpose in the human food chain. However, for bees, it plays an essential role in building and maintaining beehives by acting as a glue of sorts. It is also commonly employed as an ingredient in many natural cold and flu remedies. I was recently reminded of this while visiting a number of integrative pharmacies throughout France. But popularity doesn’t necessarily equate to efficacy or safety. One of the questions I sought to answer upon returning to the US was scientific evidence to support the modern and traditional use of bee propolis.
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