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Prescription 2015: Hand Massage

September 1, 2015 Written by JP

The finest natural therapies combine several important elements. Ideally, they’re free or low in cost and don’t require specialized equipment. They should be evidence-based and easy to perform. And, whenever possible, it helps if a remedy produces results consistently and quickly. A daily hand massage provides all of these attributes and many others.

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Reflexology Revelations

August 10, 2011 Written by JP

One of the more appealing aspects of holistic medicine is that it affords many choices for health care consumers. For example, if you’re consistently stressed out, you can opt for natural treatments ranging from aromatherapy to visualization. If chronic pain is your issue, acupuncture or nutritional supplements may alleviate some or all of your discomfort. This is reassuring to know because it allows you to apply your own personal preferences when deciding upon a therapeutic protocol. That alone tips the balance of healing in your favor because it empowers you. Read more »

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