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Is Black Rice Healthier?

February 3, 2014 Written by JP

Most of us are familiar with brown, white and “wild” rice. But, how about black-purple rice? Have you tried it yet? Are you interested in it because of the positive media coverage from the likes of Dr. Oz? By the end of today’s column, you’ll likely know more about it and you can decide for yourself if it’s something you ought to add to your diet.

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Arsenic Warning

January 4, 2012 Written by JP

Increased risk of birth defects, cancer and cardiovascular disease are not typically associated with the consumption of “wholesome” foods such as fruit juice and rice. After all, these menu options are 100% natural and frequently recommended as part of a healthy, low fat meal plan for adults and children alike. However, even if you set aside the high glycemic (ie blood sugar elevating) nature of these foods, you should still consider the possibility that they may be contaminated with the heavy metal arsenic.

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Brown Rice Matters

September 7, 2011 Written by JP

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard doctors or other health authorities recommend that patients switch from white rice to brown rice. The idea is that brown rice has more nutrients and a lower impact on blood sugar than its paler counterpart. According to recent publications in the scientific literature, making such a blanket recommendation may be incomplete. It’s true that some studies do find unprocessed brown rice superior to polished white rice in terms of respective glycemic index (GI) and load (GL). But, not all brown rice is created equal. In fact, some studies have reported unexpectedly high GI and GL scores in some brown rice samples. This may explain why a recent trial published in The Journal of Nutrition did not find substantial metabolic differences in a group of 202 diabetic patients who were asked to eat either brown or white rice over a 16 week period. And, this isn’t the only surprise with regard to brown rice research.

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Better Baby Food

December 9, 2010 Written by JP

This past weekend, I sat in a cozy hotel room in Paris watching the snow fall onto a picturesque street. I snapped a photo of this lovely moment to share with you. In one hand, I held cup of espresso and in the other a copy of USA Today. In it, an article written by the famed pediatrician Dr. Alan Greene captured my attention. The thrust of the piece was to persuade parents to discontinue using white rice cereal as a starter food for their babies. Who could disagree with that? As is often the case in medicine and nutrition, there’s more to the story than meets the eye.
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