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Four Green Cooler

August 4, 2016 Written by JP

There’s no doubt it: green vegetables are at the peak of their popularity. They are the rock stars of the produce section! These days, nutritionists are quick to recommend them as a healthy part of just about any dietary plan, whether gluten-free, low carb or macrobiotic. Finding greens while eating out is no problem either. Most restaurants from fast food chains to gourmet eateries now feature chard, dandelion leaves, kale or spinach as side dishes and, sometimes, even as primary components of a main course. And, of course, you’ve surely seen countless juices in your local markets or natural food stores that proudly proclaim their “greenness”. There is a lot of good to be found in this trend. However, the benefits can be even greater if you make more greens at home.

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Prescription 2016: Natural Appetite Suppressants

May 30, 2016 Written by JP

Appetite suppressants have earned a well deserved, bad reputation in many medical circles. Time after time, so called miracle “diet pills” have failed to promote sustained weight loss and/or caused serious side effects. Perhaps the highest profile example is fen-phen, a drug combination consisting of fenfluramine and phentermine. In 1997, the FDA required that fen-phen be pulled from the US marketplace after numerous reports of heart valve disease and pulmonary hypertension became too common to ignore.

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Spinach Juice and Smoothies

April 2, 2012 Written by JP

A simple addition or substitution can make a profound difference in the overall quality of your diet. If you enjoy freshly made juice or homemade smoothies, you can very easily improve the nutrient density of these beverages by tossing a handful of raw spinach into the mix. The beauty of this strategy is that you’re unlikely to taste the spinach at all, though you’ll probably notice its chlorophyll inspired hue. But, you can be certain that your body will be keenly aware of it.

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Be Side Dish Saavy

August 30, 2010 Written by JP

Eating out can be a challenging proposition if your goal is to maintain a trim waistline and wellness in general. But just because it “can be” difficult doesn’t mean that it “has to be”. I think the biggest determinant of the quality of food you ultimately eat while out is how well you’ve prepared in the first place. Successful meal planning requires being aware of the healthiest possible options. Even the most nutritious entrees can be rendered unhealthy by side dishes. A fresh fillet of wild salmon laid artistically over a mound of mashed potatoes isn’t the same story as one served with a side of sauteed kale or pureed cauliflower. My Healthy Monday tip of the week is to strategically select your side dishes and ask for substitutions whenever possible.
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Twitter Thursday Highlights

May 13, 2010 Written by JP

This past weekend I was discussing meditation with my dad. For years I’ve been trying to get him to meditate without much success. The thing about my father is that he’s great about taking supplements and pretty on-the-ball about diet and exercise. But when it comes to mind-body practices, I’ve yet to successfully convert him. I hope that today’s column will be the incentive he needs to finally take the leap and begin some form of stress relieving therapy. My wish for today is that you’ll all be able to take something of value from what I write here and apply it to your life. That could mean adopting a meditative practice, eating grass-fed instead of conventional meat or spending a little more time in the kitchen preparing simple recipes that support your health care goals. Read more »

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Healthy Turkey Meatballs Recipe

April 27, 2010 Written by JP

The lessons we’re taught in childhood often stick with us throughout our lifetime. Some of what’s picked up along the way helps us to live happy, value-based lives. However some lessons hinder our potential or otherwise cause us inadvertent harm. In the context of nutrition, there are a few cultural concepts that I feel are problematic. The first is the notion that each meal needs to include a starchy component, whether bread, potatoes, rice, etc. The second is the idea that most meals should end with a dessert or something sweet. Read more »

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