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Peanut Butter and Jelly Cookies

January 7, 2010 Written by JP

In everyone’s life there are specific images that we associate with childhood. It might be a photograph taken on a family vacation or the memory of a swing set that used to reside in the backyard of your first home. Iconic foods can also take us back in time to our youth. More often than not, these foods consist of confections that we’ve mostly given up as we’ve grown older and more health conscious. One of the most memorable treats from my early years is the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It’s been a long time since I’ve had one because I no longer eat bread and sugar sweetened jelly. But Mrs.Healthy Fellow recently came up with a creative solution that could once again reunite me with my childhood buddy, PB&J. Read more »

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Herbal Tips and Updates

December 23, 2009 Written by JP

The work life of a writer tends to be quite solitary. I research on my own. I come up with topics in a committee of one. I even read the final drafts of my columns out loud to myself before I post them. That’s why I sometimes like to imagine that I work in a large advertising firm. Just like all the other worker bees, I’d have to march into the main conference room each morning and pitch my ideas to the “head honchos”. In that scenario, the one thing I can be sure of is this: If my material isn’t compelling enough, it won’t go into production. Read more »

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The Luo Han Guo Stevia Experiment

June 3, 2009 Written by JP

A few months ago I wrote a column about a relatively obscure sweetener known as luo han guo. It was of interest to me because it’s a natural, zero-calorie sweetener that doesn’t appear to impact blood sugar levels and may even possess some health promoting properties. The real question in my mind was how luo han guo compared to another similar sweetener called stevia. To that end, I did some very basic blood sugar testing on myself in order to compare how luo han guo and stevia affected me.
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Luo Han Guo – Another Sugar Alternative

April 14, 2009 Written by JP

I have an online friend who lives in Japan. He recently asked me about a product that he has been seeing in stores in his part of world. The product label claims that it’s a natural, low calorie alternative to sugar. My first thought was that he must be referring to stevia. I know that stevia is commercially available in Japan and has been used there for several decades now. But as it turns out, the product that caught his eye was something quite different. It’s an exotic fruit extract known as luo han guo.
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Agave Danger!

March 25, 2009 Written by JP

As you’ve probably gathered I’m a big supporter of the natural health industry. On the whole I believe they promote a healthier society by providing alternative options for an increasingly toxic world. However on occasion I need to point out areas in which I disagree with certain prevailing notions within the industry. Today I’m going to discuss one disturbing trend with regard to the promotion of a natural sweetener called agave nectar (or syrup). Read more »

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Stevia – The Safe and Natural Sweetener

January 10, 2009 Written by JP

If you’ve gone shopping lately and looked around the sweetener section, you may have seen a few new faces on the block. Products like Truvia and ZSweet are popping up all over the country and beyond. But what are they really? And are they really safe? Read more »

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