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The Luo Han Guo Stevia Experiment

June 3, 2009 Written by JP

A few months ago I wrote a column about a relatively obscure sweetener known as luo han guo. It was of interest to me because it’s a natural, zero-calorie sweetener that doesn’t appear to impact blood sugar levels and may even possess some health promoting properties. The real question in my mind was how luo han guo compared to another similar sweetener called stevia. To that end, I did some very basic blood sugar testing on myself in order to compare how luo han guo and stevia affected me.
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The Brain Fitness Program

February 11, 2009 Written by JP

The concept that aging inevitably brings about negative changes in our bodies and minds is widespread. Many people simply accept the “fact” that the physical body will weaken, eyesight will become blurry and the brain will no longer cooperate like it used to. To that I say: fight it! Accept what can’t be changed, but do whatever is possible to improve the things that are pliable. For example, we can and should adopt a philosophy that an aging brain can learn new tricks. Read more »

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Sugar and Mental Health

December 14, 2008 Written by JP

The world of nutrition was rocked this past week by a seemingly innocuous little study. It came in the form of a scientific presentation by Professor Bart Hoebel from the Princeton Department of Psychology. Dr. Hoebel and his team, which included members from the Princeton Neuroscience Institute, revealed findings that suggest that sugar can indeed be addictive. Read more »

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