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Healthy Humility

August 26, 2010 Written by JP

This past year I’ve devoted a considerable amount of time establishing a presence on Twitter – the premiere social networking website on the Internet. I find that it’s a good way to stay in touch with like-minded people and it also allows me to supplement the more in depth columns I post here with a form of mini or micro blogging. All told, I’m able to reach a wider audience in a format that suits the time constraints that are common in modern life. Another benefit of immersing myself in Twitter is that I’ve learned a great deal from the messages or tweets posted by numerous health experts and non-professionals alike. Here are some of the latest examples that I found interesting.
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Alcohol, Apples and Approval

March 25, 2010 Written by JP

It’s Thursday once again and that means it’s Twitter time. This week I’m going to highlight a whole new group of gurus and health authorities that caught my eye over the past several days. In this week’s line-up is “America’s doctor”, Dr. Mehmet Oz; the grandaddy of alt-med integration, Dr. Andrew Weil; the nutritionist, therapist and trainer to the stars, Dr. Jonny Bowden; my local newpaper’s very own health column and finally Mr. Excuses Begone! himself, Dr. Wayne Dyer. Read more »

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