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Meat Substitutes

October 22, 2013 Written by JP

Recently, a reader asked for my opinion about so-called meat substitutes. Since the topic of vegetarian alternatives to meat is rather complex and nuanced, I’ve decided to write about my answer on this site. But, before I offer my perspective, I want to make it clear that I’m exclusively focusing on the nutritional aspects of the issue. I’ll leave the ecological and philosophical arguments for other commentators and forums.

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The Daniel Fast

September 22, 2012 Written by JP

In recent years, a short term diet known as The Daniel Fast has made several appearances in the medical literature. Currently, there are best selling books, courses and even retreats that assist religious and non-religious dieters in following the tenants of this Biblically-inspired program. The duration of the diet, as commonly practiced and studied, is slightly shorter (21 days) than other forms of religiously-based dietary restriction such as Ramadan fasting (28 to 30 days). Thus far, the results reported in various scientific journals have been relatively encouraging. However, there appears to be at least one caveat that has not yet been successfully resolved. The Daniel Fast lowers HDL (“good”) cholesterol.

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Healthier Vegetarians

February 4, 2011 Written by JP

Southern California is a great place to live if you’re a vegetarian. There are literally hundreds of restaurants and specialty stores that cater to virtually ever type of vegetarian sub-set: lacto vegetarian, lacto-ovo vegetarian, pescetarian, raw foodists and vegans. A few months ago I was invited to a business lunch that took place at an organic, vegan restaurant. Although this isn’t my preferred form of eating, I relished the opportunity to experience such a meal. Ultimately, I opted for a delicious plate of sun-dried tomato hummus with a side of sliced avocado. Instead of the pita chips it normally comes with, I asked for cucumber slices and washed it down with a cup of organic white tea. Was it the most satisfying meal I’ve ever had? Certainly not. But I managed to derive a good amount of nutrition and pleasure from it, given the circumstance. Read more »

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Healthy Criticism

December 17, 2010 Written by JP

On this site, I generally focus on the more positive and promising aspects of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). But not every study that examines the merits of natural treatments yields successful results. It’s important to point this out because I don’t want any of you to put your faith in holistic practices that could be ineffective and/or unsafe. To my mind, this is perhaps the greatest threat to the natural health movement. Setting unrealistic expectations in both open-minded patients and physicians is a recipe for disaster.
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Questioning Beliefs

September 9, 2010 Written by JP

Medical news is often classified into three categories. The most common and under-appreciated variety provides corroborative data on already established principles. Example: Exercise does your body and mind good. The second category adds a new twist to pre-existing information. Example: Eating plenty of vegetables reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality – especially in the context of a lower carbohydrate diet. The final category turns old concepts upside down. Example: Students have different and distinct learning styles which need to be catered to in order for them to thrive academically. Not necessarily. The details of these news items and more come courtesy of various contributors on Twitter.
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