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Red Palm Oil

May 20, 2013 Written by JP

Red palm oil (RPO) has been in the news lately because of a positive expose on The Dr. Oz Show. In the segment entitled, The 13 Miracle Solutions of 2013, RPO was touted as a veritable “miracle oil” primarily because it’s a rich source of antioxidants, such as carotenoids and tocotrienols, which are a potent and rare form of Vitamin E. How might this benefit your health? According to Dr. Oz and his guest, Bryce Wylde, just two tablespoons of RPO daily reduces the risk of heart attacks and stroke by clearing away arterial plaque. They go on to claim that RPO also slows the aging process by protecting the brain from neurodegeneration and skin from damage caused UV radiation. As if that wasn’t enough, apparently RPO can also increase your calorie burning potential or metabolic rate. All this for around “$14 per jar”. What a bargain!

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Walnuts and Prostate Cancer

January 27, 2012 Written by JP

The good news about life expectancy is that both men and women are living longer than ever before. The bad news about longevity is that it is often accompanied by certain diseases. When it comes to older men, prostate cancer tops the list. Fortunately, there is a growing body of evidence that certain dietary and lifestyle choices can minimize the risk of prostatic malignancies.

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Supplement Review

June 18, 2010 Written by JP

A question I’m frequently asked is whether nutritional supplements actually produce meaningful results or whether they are, in effect, expensive placebos. The answer to that question isn’t nearly as simple as some would like. But as an old boss of mine used to say, “It is what it is”. In my opinion, supplements should to be viewed from a holistic perspective. In practical terms that means that you need to establish the relative merits of each product based on individual circumstances and requirements. By applying this criterion, the efficacy and safety profile of what you take is likely to improve. Read more »

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Vitamin E Updates

January 4, 2010 Written by JP

Vitamins are a lot like movie stars. At certain points in their careers they experience hot streaks where they’re considered exciting and glamorous. During those periods they’re frequently in the news and are top draws at the box office and health food stores. You’ll see commercials promoting their products and you might even hear occasional gossip about them around the neighborhood. “Did you hear that Russell Crowe punched out his acting coach on the set of Gladiator?!”. “It turns out that Nancy didn’t have ‘work done’. She’s just been using that new Vitamin C skin cream sold by that doctor on PBS.” But inevitably, almost all celebrities and nutrients also discover the flip side of fame. Critics and scientists stop singing their praises and people stop buying their wares. It’s a tough time to go through, but it also affords the possibility of a comeback. Read more »

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