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Vitamin K Question

September 10, 2012 Written by JP

In a recent conversation, I was asked about the safety of Vitamin K supplements in relation to cardiovascular health. The gentleman I was speaking with brought up the possibility of excessive blood clotting or coagulation. The basis for his concern is that some “blood thinning” medications, such as coumadin (Warfarin), work by antagonizing Vitamin K. What’s more, physicians often recommend limiting Vitamin K consumption via food and supplementation in patients using Vitamin K antagonists. But, what about the majority of the population that isn’t using coumadin or related drugs?

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Barley Grass Juice

June 25, 2012 Written by JP

One of the veteran products available at many health food stores is barley leaf juice powder. As its name implies, this is a dehydrated extract taken from young barley grass or “leaves”. Think of it as a close relative of wheat grass, an even more popular “super food”. Typically, barley leaf supplements are sold in a pale green, powdered from that boast names such as “Green Magma” or “Just Barley”. The labels of these products imply numerous health benefits, including detoxifying effects, immune system enhancement and increased energy. And, since these products have been around for decades and have amassed a large following of admirers, you might assume that there’s plenty of research to back them up. Surprisingly, this is not the case.

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Dietitians Use Supplements Too

April 9, 2012 Written by JP

Have you ever wondered which supplements dietitians and nutritionists use themselves? The March 2012 issue of Nutrition Journal shares some insight into that very topic. In the survey, a total of 300 registered dietitians were queried about precisely which herbs, minerals, nutraceuticals and vitamins they use regularly and why. The macro breakdown of the findings reveals that 74% of those interviewed classified themselves as “regular users of dietary supplements”. An additional 22% “used dietary supplements occasionally or seasonally”. Also of note is that an impressive 97% of the dietitians recommended supplements to their clients.

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Spinach Juice and Smoothies

April 2, 2012 Written by JP

A simple addition or substitution can make a profound difference in the overall quality of your diet. If you enjoy freshly made juice or homemade smoothies, you can very easily improve the nutrient density of these beverages by tossing a handful of raw spinach into the mix. The beauty of this strategy is that you’re unlikely to taste the spinach at all, though you’ll probably notice its chlorophyll inspired hue. But, you can be certain that your body will be keenly aware of it.

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Indian Crispy Kale Recipe

June 15, 2010 Written by JP

Parents face many challenges trying to raise healthy children. Convincing kids to eat enough non-starchy vegetables is at the top of that list. This is no accident. Among other reasons, food manufacturers spend millions upon of millions of dollars “educating” the youth market on what’s cool to eat. But with a little creative parenting, there are ways of outsmarting finicky youngsters and junk food marketers at the same time. Read more »

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Osteopenia and Osteoporosis Alternative

May 12, 2010 Written by JP

Whenever possible, I like to turn the spotlight on alternative remedies to potentially dangerous medications. A class of drugs known as bisphophonates are best sellers in the senior population. Older women tend to be the primary recipients of prescriptions for Actonel, Boniva and Fosamax because they’re geared toward stemming the loss of bone density. My problem with bisphosphonates is the quality of bone they ultimately yield, which can be brittle, and their questionable side effect profile. Patients and physicians have reported instances of “acute influenza-like illness”, arterial fibrillation, esophageal irritation, gastrointestinal upset, musculoskeletal complaints and osteonecrosis (bone death) of the jaw that appear to be associated with long term use of these medications. (1,2,3)
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Low Heat Cooking and More

March 29, 2010 Written by JP

Before stepping foot in the Anaheim Convention Center to attend Natural Products Expo West, I formulated an introduction for all the exhibitors and representatives I planned to meet. First, I would introduce myself. Then I’d explain what my site is all about. Finally, I’d reveal my basic objective – to learn about the most cutting edge developments in the natural health industry so that I might pass them along to my readers and subscribers. I knew this was the correct approach for me because it fits right in with my overall strategy for this site. Simply put, I want to share current, “under the radar” medical information with you and those whose lives you touch. Every Monday you can count on me presenting at least five natural health items that specifically fit into this category. According to my calender, today is Monday, so here goes! Read more »

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Natural Bone Builders

March 12, 2010 Written by JP

Some alt-med experts are suspicious of mainstream medical publications such as the The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM). They generally believe that such periodicals are firmly in the camp or even in the pocket of allopathic medicine. While there may be some truth to that, it’s also accurate to say that unbiased articles do occasionally appear in these same journals that are often criticized. Read the following quote and tell me if it sounds like it belongs in a publication whose primary purpose is to support the existing medical and pharmaceutical paradigm: “The current drug-labeling practice for adverse events is based on the implicit assumption that an accurate portrait of patients’ subjective experiences can be provided by clinicians’ documentation alone. Yet a substantial body of evidence contradicts this assumption, showing that clinicians systematically downgrade the severity of patients’ symptoms, that patients’ self-reports frequently capture side effects that clinicians miss, and that clinicians’ failure to note these symptoms results in the occurrence of preventable adverse events”. That quote is taken directly from a current analysis entitled, “The Missing Voice of Patients in Drug-Safety Reporting” which is presented in the March 10th online edition of the NEJM. Read more »

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Aging Gracefully and Healthfully

December 22, 2009 Written by JP

Aging is a funny thing. When we’re children, we can’t wait to get older so we can do all of the wondrous things that we imagine adults do. By the time we reach adulthood, we realize that there are both pros and cons to this “grown-up” stage of life. That’s about the same time that we begin wondering what it will be like to be even older – a “senior citizen”. At first, many of the downsides of that proposition come to mind such as not being able to move or think as quickly as we used to. But often times, another concept rears its head: Growing old is a luxury that is not afforded to everyone. If you’re lucky enough to live a long life, then it becomes all the more important to make those extra years count. One of the best ways to enable this is to support your body and mind so that those so-called “golden years” can be both fulfilling and productive. Read more »

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Vitamin K and Heart Disease

February 12, 2009 Written by JP

Did you know that cardiovascular disease is the #1 cause of death in women 25 and up? There’s not even a close second in the mortality race. You’d have to add up all the deaths from every form of cancer and multiply that number by almost two in order to equal the number of heart related deaths. Pretty shocking, isn’t it? Read more »

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