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Nordic Walking Research

June 15, 2015 Written by JP

Question: Here in Europe I’ve noticed many people Nordic Walking, especially in the countryside. Even some of my friends have joined clubs that do this exercise together as a group. I don’t know if it’s popular in the United States. Can you tell me if this practice is markedly superior to ordinary walking or other forms of aerobic activity? I prefer taking hikes or walks in nature. Though I would consider investing in Nordic poles and possibly joining a club if the benefits make it worthwhile.

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Exercise Your Brain

December 8, 2008 Written by JP

This is part one of a two-part series on the mental and physical benefits of simple, everyday exercise. In this first part, I want share some cutting-edge research that strongly suggests that exercising regularly can improve the odds of preserving our memory and mental function well into our “golden years”. Read more »

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