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Prescription 2016: Natural Sore Throat Remedies

January 25, 2016 Written by JP

Pharyngitis is the technical name for a sore throat. In most cases viral infections, such as the common cold or influenza, are responsible for the characteristic inflammation and swelling in the back of the throat or pharynx. Thankfully, there are some evidence-based alternatives that address sore throat prevention, recovery time and symptom severity.

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Prescription 2014: Stronger Immunity

February 27, 2014 Written by JP

Nobody wants to be slowed down by a cold, flu or any host of infectious diseases we hear about in the news or meet firsthand in our daily lives. But, finding reliable information about natural ways to bolster immunity isn’t always easy. Conventional doctors are often clueless, and anecdotal remedies from family and friends can certainly be hit-or-miss. Fortunately, there really are some scientifically proven changes you can make to your diet, lifestyle and supplement regimen that can strengthen your resistance to communicable diseases.

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Integrative Stroke Recovery

September 30, 2013 Written by JP

Yearly, almost 800,000 adults in the United States will suffer a stroke. Of those, approximately 77% will be first time strokes. The remainder are classified as recurrent attacks. While sobering, there is also some optimistic news to report on the stroke front. Between the years of 1999 and 2009, incidents of stroke have declined by 33%. According to the American Heart Association, this improvement is largely attributable to better management of blood pressure, diabetes and other modifiable risk factors, including smoking cessation and weight management. In addition, dietary changes can also play a valuable role in preventing so-called “brain attacks”. In a previous column, I offered my own dietary prescription for a “Stroke Protection Diet”.

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Healthy Lamb Burger Recipe

August 31, 2010 Written by JP

The first Monday in September ushers in Labor Day in the United States. This is a federal holiday that celebrates the achievements of American workers and the establishment of the labor movement over 100 years ago. It also provides an extended three-day weekend for many families and a final opportunity to enjoy the long, hot days of summer. A familiar part of many Labor Day get-togethers is firing up the barbecue. Beef, turkey or “veggie” burgers top the list of grill-friendly candidates to serve at such occasions. But this year, I’m going to do something slightly different. Instead of the standard fare, lamb burgers are on the menu and with good reason.
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Supplement Review

June 18, 2010 Written by JP

A question I’m frequently asked is whether nutritional supplements actually produce meaningful results or whether they are, in effect, expensive placebos. The answer to that question isn’t nearly as simple as some would like. But as an old boss of mine used to say, “It is what it is”. In my opinion, supplements should to be viewed from a holistic perspective. In practical terms that means that you need to establish the relative merits of each product based on individual circumstances and requirements. By applying this criterion, the efficacy and safety profile of what you take is likely to improve. Read more »

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Healthy Heart Tips

May 3, 2010 Written by JP

According to the American Heart Association’s Statistics Committee, heart disease will cost the United States approximately $316 billion dollars in health care spending this year alone. That isn’t a figure that any nation would be proud of. However it is a reality and it needs to be acknowledged. What’s also true is that much of the money spent addressing this health crisis focuses on the role of pharmaceutical and surgical interventions. Today I’m going to take a critical look at several nutritional options that may mitigate the general trend that cardiovascular disease is taking in the US and well beyond its borders. (1) Read more »

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Essential Minerals

January 27, 2010 Written by JP

My parents, Giuliana and Gianfranco, have contributed greatly to my understanding of natural medicine. Anyone who knows my folks will tell you that they’re among the most generous and kindhearted people you could ever hope to meet. Being exposed to that type of example has obviously been of tremendous value. But perhaps the most important gift they’ve given me with respect to my profession is allowing me to learn through their experience. They’ve placed their faith and trust in me as a consultant in most of their health care decisions. Part of this long term arrangement involves me designing a tailor-fit diet, exercise routine and supplement program for them both. Along the way, I’ve learned some lessons – chief among them is that it’s absolutely vital for me to fully comprehend and explicitly convey why I recommend what I recommend. Read more »

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Swine Flu Virus Update August 2009

August 14, 2009 Written by JP

News reports about the so called Novel H1N1 Swine Flu continue to roll in from around the world. On a daily basis, governmental agencies and medical specialists offer the best information they currently have about how to contain the spread of this pandemic. There’s no question that it’s important to keep up to date on the breaking news. But more and more, it appears that acting on a personal level is one the best options we have. I’m referring, specifically, to measures that we can each take to keep ourselves well. Staying healthy contributes to a grassroots effort to help minimize the impact of this virus. This is a way of applying the “think globally, act locally” philosophy to this worldwide health matter. Read more »

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Minerals for Diabetes

March 23, 2009 Written by JP

When most people think about minerals and diabetes the first thing that comes to mind is the trace element chromium. It’s a reasonable association since chromium has been used extensively to help manage blood sugar in type 2 diabetics for decades. But there are other minerals that are often lacking in diabetic and pre-diabetic individuals. If these deficiencies are addressed, it may reduce the damage that poor blood glucose control can bring about. Read more »

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Zinc Deficiency

March 18, 2009 Written by JP

If you’ve been feeling a little down lately, you may want to consider whether your zinc status is causing or exacerbating those “blue” feelings. By zinc status, I mean the amount of zinc you’re getting by way of diet and supplementation. Thanks to some really compelling research, I’d like to make a case for the use of zinc in maintaining and promoting a happier state of mind. Read more »

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