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Canker Sores – A Natural Approach

February 10, 2009 Written by JP

It is estimated that canker sores affect over 25% of the general population. This painful condition usually manifests itself in the form of small ulcers that develop inside the mouth. The size of the ulcers and the severity of pain varies from simply being an irritating nuisance (minor canker sores) to a seriously life affecting condition (major canker sores). The impact of this recurrent health issue is heightened by the fact that we use our mouths all day long. Read more »

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B-Vitamins for Migraines

February 9, 2009 Written by JP

New research out of Australia combines the use of cutting edge technology with old-school nutrition. Today’s headline comes from the Genomic Research Center (GRC) of Griffith University. The GRC’s purpose is to identify genes that are involved in diseases and other health conditions. Based on their findings, they attempt to find ways of modifying disease risk and, possibly, even combating various health threats ranging from high blood pressure to cancer. Read more »

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