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Hydrotherapy for Multiple Sclerosis

August 31, 2011 Written by JP

Recently, news of a major discovery in the field of multiple sclerosis (MS) research was presented in the journal Nature. An examination of 9,772 patients with MS and 17,376 “healthy” volunteers confirmed that 57 genes were associated with the disease. This finding should help MS specialists move closer to pinpointing a cause and eventually a cure. But, in the here and now those already living with MS need to be aware of safe treatments that are currently available.

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Aquatic Therapy

August 18, 2009 Written by JP

When we think of a serious work out our minds often conjure up images of lifting heavy weights, running long distances or employing advanced technologies such as elliptical trainers. Frequently, swimming and aquatic therapies are not regarded as highly as the previously mentioned exercises. But fortunately, science doesn’t care much about popular perception. In the past few years, a good deal of study has investigated the merits of water based exercises. The results may have far reaching implications for the modern management of a number of health conditions. Read more »

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