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Prescription 2018: Natural Kidney Protection

July 11, 2018 Written by JP

Arguably, the kidneys are the least appreciated and discussed organs in the human body. They play a vital role in maintaining homeostasis by filtering blood while contributing to a number of important biological functions, including regulating blood pressure, bone mineral density and the production of red blood cells. But, unless something goes wrong with these two bean-shaped organs, most people hardly give them a second thought. If you’re one of those people, this is your chance to learn a few simple steps you can take to keep your kidneys healthy so that you won’t need to think about them much in the future.
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Pomegranate Juice Controversy

June 20, 2012 Written by JP

Pomegranate juice has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons. In September 2010, the Federal Trade Commission filed a complaint against POM Wonderful LLC, a leading manufacturer of pomegranate extract and juice. In May 2012, an initial decision was announced which stated that some of the claims made in POM advertisements were deceptive in nature and/or overreaching. The order, put forth by Chief Administrative Law Judge D. Michael Chappell, specifically took note of representations that pomegranate extract and juice were capable of preventing, reducing or treating erectile dysfunction, heart disease and prostate cancer.

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Low Carb Kidney Damage?

June 4, 2012 Written by JP

The term “low carbohydrate diet” conjures up certain stereotypes in the minds of many patients and physicians alike. A common misconception about this controversial way of eating is that it is inevitably rich in dairy and meat, and severely lacking in fruits and vegetables. Another myth about low carbing is that it raises various cardiovascular risk factors. But, perhaps the most prevalent mistaken notion about carbohydrate restriction is that it is damaging to the kidneys. All of these assertions have been summarily rebutted in the scientific literature in recent years. Still, not everyone is aware.

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Happy, Healthy and Wise

April 25, 2012 Written by JP

Happiness seems like it has little to do with the modern health care system. But, in medicine, as in life, appearances can be deceiving. Statistics reveal that people who have a positive outlook are more likely to be in better physical health. Now, some theorize that happy people are healthier because they take better care of themselves. Simply put, they have more of a reason to want to live longer. There’s certainly some truth to that assertion. However, recent developments in the field of psychology explain that the link between contentment and wellness may very well be a two way street.

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Heavy Metal Toxicity

January 25, 2012 Written by JP

Heavy metal exposure has become an increasingly relevant topic in the modern age. The air we breathe, the food we eat and even the homes we live in are potential contributors to unsafe levels of toxic minerals including cadmium, lead and mercury. Although this is undeniably true, there’s no sense worrying ourselves sick about it. A far more constructive approach is to look for ways to minimize heavy metal exposure, such as the use of air purifiers, safer building materials and water filtration. And, while we’re at it, perhaps we should add a little more garlic to our diets for good measure.

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Fish Oil and Kidney Health

January 3, 2011 Written by JP

Whenever I begin working with new clients, I always ask them to fill out a few forms and questionnaires. Some people do so without any issue. But every once in a while I’m asked why it’s necessary to provide answers to medical questions that appear to be unrelated to the health concerns at hand. Without fail, I explain that dietary choices, environment, lifestyle factors and psychological matters quite often contribute to physical complaints. This is a foundational principle of holistic medicine and one that cannot be under emphasized.
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Your Biological Machine

October 27, 2010 Written by JP

The human body is infinitely more complex than any machine created by mankind. But it is sometimes useful to think about it in similar terms. Two of the most frequently used machines in modern life are automobiles and personal computers. In order for either of them to function efficiently, they need proper fuel (electricity and gasoline) and periodic maintenance. Fueling up a car and plugging in a lap top has become second nature in the 21st century. Unfortunately, so too has the unhealthy manner by which many people re-fuel themselves – drive-thrus, frozen dinners, etc. The trouble is that the human body doesn’t provide as immediate a response to improper nourishment as most machines do. Rather, the human organism is exceedingly resilient and can put up with years of improper care before demonstrating overt evidence of damage.
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Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure

March 24, 2009 Written by JP

Hypertension is the medical term for high blood pressure. Currently blood pressure readings of 120/80 and lower are considered normal. 120-139/80-89 are referred to as “prehypertension” and 140/90 and above is classified as high blood pressure. Read more »

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