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Prescription 2016: Supplement Planning for Success

December 17, 2016 Written by JP

Dietary supplements fall into a somewhat murky part of the current healthcare pond. They’re not really food, but they generally contain elements found in food. They’re not really medications, but they often have medicinal effects. Because nutritional supplements straddle the world between traditional and modern medicine, they are frequently not used in an optimal manner.

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Top Five Supplements

December 7, 2011 Written by JP

“Is there a short-list of supplements that everyone should take?”. This may seem like a simple enough question, but it might surprise you to know that if I had to answer strictly ‘yes’ or ‘no’, my reply would be ‘no’. There are simply too many individual considerations and requirements that make blanket recommendations inappropriate and unreliable. Having said that, there is a select group of supplements that tend to fill important nutrient gaps in many diets. These very same nutritional aids also safely promote greater well being.

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Complementary Bipolar Disorder Care

March 11, 2011 Written by JP

Bipolar disorder has been in the news lately because of the incessant coverage of a well known celebrity who appears to be in the midst of a mental breakdown. News outlets of every stripe just can’t get enough of this story. It doesn’t much matter whether the root cause of this current spectacle is drug use, a psychiatric condition or some combination thereof. The bottom line is that the antics involved are simply too sensational to ignore. But that’s not the reason why bipolar disorder is on my radar. Please don’t get me wrong – the psychological unraveling of any person is profoundly sad and troubling. However, when over 2% of the world’s population is affected by one form or another of bipolar spectrum disorder (BPS), that fact should occupy a much more prominent spot in the news than the struggle of any one individual.
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Best Of Vitamin Angels Interview

November 26, 2010 Written by JP

A few weeks ago, a reader named Vicky left me a comment that has stuck with me ever since. She wondered if there was a way for me to help poor people who don’t have Internet access or the resources necessary to implement much of the information I present on this site. Specifically, the post she was referring had to do with the Novel H1N1 Swine Flu virus. As I typed my response, I realized that even something as basic as a multivitamin was out reach for some of the most vulnerable populations in the world. It is at that point that I remembered the name of a charity that I have seen in natural health magazines and trade journals. The two words that came back to me were: Vitamin Angels.
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Natural Leg Cramp Relief

July 30, 2010 Written by JP

On July 8, 2010 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a warning about the use of quinine (Qualaquin) for night time leg cramps. The basis for the alert were reports of “serious and life-threatening blood-related reactions, including serious bleeding due to severe lowering of blood cells (platelets) and a condition known as hemolytic-uremic syndrome/thrombocytopenic purpura which, in some cases, may result in permanent kidney damage”. In actuality, Qualaquin has only been FDA-approved for the treatment of malaria. However, it is frequently used “off-label” to reduce the incidence and severity of nocturnal leg cramps. The reason for this is pretty straight forward: quinine improves cramping symptoms in many patients. But the issue of potential toxicity must also be taken into account. Fortunately, there are several dietary supplements that may offer a safer way to achieve a cramp-free night’s sleep. (1)
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Nutrient Density

March 9, 2010 Written by JP

Several weeks ago I posted a link on Twitter about the benefits of drinking water on weight loss. One response I received essentially asked, “Doesn’t everyone know that drinking water helps you lose weight?”. Well, I suppose many people do. But this reader’s question may reflect similar thoughts you’ve had while reading my daily blogs. You may detect familiar ground in some of the issues I cover. In fact, at times I even point out that I’m updating a particular health issue. The reason I do this may not be entirely clear. Scientists generally like to re-test widely held beliefs in order to clarify and verify them. Even the most widely accepted concepts in medicine benefit from further investigation. The result of such inquiries often add to the knowledge base and allow for a more accurate application of the information in question. Read more »

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Crime and Nutrition

February 25, 2010 Written by JP

At the moment there is a budget crisis in my home state of California. As a consequence, local politicians are scrambling to find the least objectionable ways to make ends meet without endangering future bids for re-election. I have a suggestion for any elected official who’s genuinely interested in cutting costs and improving the quality of life of their constituents: Start by changing your diet and lifestyle and then help others to do the same. Read more »

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Saturated Fat, Multivitamins and Carob

February 24, 2010 Written by JP

I’m always on the lookout for signs that things can change for the better. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of only seeing the faults that are inherent in a world run by infinitely fallible human beings. But where does that get us? Instead of simply getting angry or frustrated at the current tide, we can all look for evidence of even the smallest victories and try to build upon them.
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Citrus Fruits, Dietary Fiber and Multivitamin News

November 3, 2009 Written by JP

Keeping up with medical news is a lot like keeping track of the stock market. New information is continuously being released and must be considered in order to have a well rounded picture of what’s really going on. I try to present an accurate assessment of each subject that I write about. However, the accuracy of the information is only current at the posting date. A week or two after I publish an article, there’s frequently something new that I could add. That’s why I regularly post updates on topics that I’ve already covered. Read more »

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Wound Healing and Nutrition

May 15, 2009 Written by JP

At some point in of our lives, we’ll all be wounded in one way or another. It could be something minor, like a sprained ankle or something as serious as spinal cord injury. Even the after effects of elective surgery should be considered in any thorough discussion about wound recovery. But there is an aspect of healing that is rarely discussed in modern medicine – the role that one’s mental state and nutrition play in physical recovery.

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Multivitamins in the News

April 16, 2009 Written by JP

The risk of bone fractures is a very serious danger that faces everyone who reaches their senior years. As we age, bone density typically declines, sometimes dramatically. It’s also generally true that the ability to heal from injuries slows down with advancing age. So it’s important to do what is possible to strengthen one’s skeletal system and sense of balance in order to prevent such bone damage. Taking a daily multivitamin is one of the simplest and least appreciated tools for avoiding bone fractures and the falls that can lead to them.
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Vitamins for Macular Degeneration

February 24, 2009 Written by JP

Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) is an eye disease that is one of the leading causes of vision loss in people over the age of 60. AMD causes progressive damage to the macula (the center of the retina), which in turn severely affects central vision. As its name implies, age is a contributing factor to the development of this form of MD. But, in recent years, evidence has accumulated to suggest that the targeted use of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and phytochemicals (plant chemicals) can help protect against the “normal” progression of this condition. Read more »

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