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Coconut Flax Cereal Recipe

November 3, 2016 Written by JP

Many of my clients are looking for ways to limit carbohydrate and grain consumption. This mirrors some popular trends in the current nutritional landscape. Bestselling books such as Always Hungry?, Eat Fat Get Thin, Wheat Belly and The Whole30 recommend eating plans that are rich in healthy fats and fiber while limiting or omitting most grains – particularly those containing gluten.

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Better Blood Pressure

January 28, 2015 Written by JP

Unless you have very high or low blood pressure, you probably don’t think a lot about the the blood pressure spectrum. As an example, a significant number of people have higher-than-normal blood pressure, but not high enough to treat with medication. This is typically defined as “prehypertension” and is marked by blood pressure ranging from 120-139 systolic and 80-89 diastolic. If you consistently have blood pressure in this range, you may well be a candidate for using a variety of natural options to drop your readings into the “normal” category of 120/80 mmHg or less. However, I want to point out that in some instances having higher than normal blood pressure may actually be advantageous. For instance, some research has found that higher blood pressure may actually reduce the risk of balance issues, dementia and all-cause mortality in seniors. So, when in doubt, consult with a cardiologist to determine what’s right for your unique circumstance.

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Prescription 2014: Lowering HbA1C Naturally

April 1, 2014 Written by JP

Recently, I saw an advertisement in the Los Angeles Times for a popular medication used to lower hemoglobin A1C, a long-term measure of blood sugar. The ad reads, “If you have type 2 diabetes, your A1C number may be going in the wrong direction. To help change it, ask your doctor if adding Tradjenta may be right for you”. Of course, if you read on you’ll also notice warnings about possible side effects, including cough, diarrhea, potentially life threatening inflammation of the pancreas, runny nose and sore throat. Still, lowering high blood sugar is a valuable endeavor for diabetics and pre-diabetics alike. So, what to do? To answer that question, here are a few suggestions by Dr. Richard Bernstein, a pioneering maverick in the field of integrative-diabetes care, and current studies from the medical literature.

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Hot Spiced Cereal Recipe

December 21, 2010 Written by JP

When you’re on a gluten-free, low carbohydrate diet you need to be inventive if you hope to have a richly satisfying and varied diet. I follow this type of eating plan because it suits my health better than any other diet I’ve ever tried before. The science supporting the avoidance of gluten, a protein found in many grains, and carbohydrate restriction played a big part in informing my decision. Thankfully, I’ve also created and discovered numerous recipes and products that help make my chosen diet a pleasure instead of a burden.
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Coconut Flax Muffin Recipe

October 19, 2010 Written by JP

Chronic constipation is estimated to affect approximately 1 in 6 adults living in the US. It’s even more prevalent in senior citizens. Dehydration, inadequate nutrition, lack of physical activity and medication side-effects all contribute to the problem. Many imperfect solutions abound including fiber supplements, laxatives and stool softeners. But in my opinion that’s putting the horse before the cart. The first thing that should be addressed in instances of recurrent constipation is diet. However, it might surprise you to know that just adding whole grains to your diet won’t solve much. Grains of any stripe frequently cause adverse digestive and systemic reactions. In my opinion, a better option is to incorporate gentler sources of dietary fiber and healthy fats into your daily routine. (1,2,3)
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Hemp Seed Questions

August 18, 2010 Written by JP

The history of hemp products in the natural health industry has been one largely dominated by uncertainty. So it didn’t surprise me when a client recently asked me about them. I offered a brief summary and my best opinion. Needless to say, it differed from what he had previously been told. This is a common occurrence in my chosen field. For every health topic, there are numerous opinions. Some are generated by the conventional medical establishment. Others are promoted by the makers of hemp products, the media and health food store employees. The likelihood that all of these disparate sources will agree on anything is infinitesimal.
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Lemon Blueberry Muffin Recipe

July 13, 2010 Written by JP

Breakfast is arguably the most important meal of the day. It directly follows a period of fasting and sets the nutritional foundation for the waking hours to come. The tricky part is how to make the most of breakfast while still being mindful of practical considerations such as getting to school or work on time. In my experience, the key to overcoming this commonly cited hurdle is to prepare food in advance. But not just any food will do. A strategic mix of macronutrients is what your body thirsts for first in the morning. Today’s recipe delivers just that and a whole lot more. Read more »

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Gluten Free Snacks

August 13, 2009 Written by JP

Thursday is the day of the week that I venture out to my local health food store. Today’s mission: To find a crunchy snack that’s all-natural, nutritious and delicious. It’s a tall order, but I think I’ve come up with three noteworthy items that fit the bill. There’s a little something for everyone: raw foodists, vegetarians and those of us on low-carb diets. I’m even throwing in a recipe from my own kitchen that is far more versatile and easy to prepare than any other chip or cracker I’ve ever made. Please join me on this brief tour to the land of healthy snacking. Read more »

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Meal Replacements for Weight Loss

June 23, 2009 Written by JP

It’s late at night and I’m driving home after a decidedly rough evening. I’m feeling kind of down and all I see is an endless parade of fast food restaurants with convenient drive-thrus beckoning. A thick, cold and creamy milk shake sounds just like the ticket. Maybe some of you out there can relate? I know all too well that a pit stop to “soothe” the pain with some junk food would, ultimately, only make a bad night worse. So instead, I decide to stick to the resolve that’s helped me to lose over 80 pounds in the past several months. Then a thought occurred to me. Why not try sticking to my diet while still having some comfort food? So I that’s what I did. Read more »

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Natural Remedies for Female and Male Hair Loss

May 13, 2009 Written by JP

Hair loss and thinning hair are common problems in both men and women. We’ve known for some time that male pattern baldness is largely due to genetics and a hormonal process that typically accompanies aging. But, the American Academy of Dermatology estimates that approximately 30 million women in the USA are also dealing with some form of alopecia.

Currently, there are several conventional options for dealing with hair loss in both sexes. The choices range from over-the-counter topical treatments such as Minoxidil (Rogaine) to prescription medications like Finasteride (Propecia) and in some instances, surgical options and hair transplantation.
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Cranberries and Flax

December 13, 2008 Written by JP

Today I want split up my column. One part will deal with a topic that most people associate with women’s health. The second part will focus on a decidedly male issue. But ultimately, I hope you’ll read both segments of today’s blog. We all need to help inform each other, so help me spread the word. Read more »

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